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    B>Perfect scrolled Dagger/Katara

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    10 watk 25% luk witch belt

    Oof wanted to bid
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    T> 24% LUK tempest ring for DEX, Traded.

    not selling?
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    B>Perfect scrolled Dagger/Katara

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    320 htp
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    Make Crusade coins easier to farm post questline

    how so much? only zak drops them and its like 3 coins
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    B>Perfect scrolled Dagger/Katara

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    Monster park coin shop additions

    Lucky day scroll and safety which are the most common is not much for bossing. where in pq you can get cubes, epic pot, cog and inno. Those are really good items compare to the boss shop. for me it just doesnt make sense that you can farm those 24/7. where in bossing which is limited(cant spam...
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    Monster park coin shop additions

    They should add items (like cog) to the boss coin shop rather than the mp coin shop. it hasn't been touched from the start and i believe it should be the main income for end game items
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    B>Perfect scrolled Dagger/Katara

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    B>Perfect scrolled Dagger/Katara

    Looking for perfect empress dagger(+10), and also perfect katara (doesn't have to be empress). Don't mind about the potential but obviously will pay extra if its a good one.
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    perf dagger ied pot for different pot

    Any s/b if you planning to sell?
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    Renegades scrolls service

    damn that success rate. only me 4/30?
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    S > raven oa wa 28 luk 36 , 18%luk and wa 25 53luk 2l epic.

    18% luk 2l epic? I didn't quite understand that sentence. sry