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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    New player or not, you are expected to read and follow the Terms of Use just like any player here. There were posts from many players not directly involved with the report, so I encourage those to stay out of it coming forward or bans will be issued to all next time. Please note that staff can...
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    Do you have screenshots to prove this?
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    Surprise Style Rotations [NX items]

    Hello Croosaders! I am back but with a new rotation -- surprise style boxes! Every three weeks, a pool of items will be randomly rotated with 5 of these selected upon your request. There is also a chance that the item you get will be permanent! Unlike Royal Rotations where you can get a...
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    Make SSB give perm nx at a very low % chance

    Approved, the chances of a SSB item being perm will be set at 3%. (This change will come in the near future).
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    Development Blog

    Some of many more to come!
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    Tadii ks'ing

    Sorry for taking so long. Banned, thank you for the evidence.
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    Ban Appeal

    Pretty impressive that you can look away for a few minutes and not walk/attack the wall! A lie detector is thirty seconds which is trivial to the amount of time I gave you to respond. An active player should have no problem responding or noticing any change to the map. After further...
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    Ban Appeal for "Intellect"

    I've changed the duration to seven days account and HWID. Please make sure to pay more attention.
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    PandaLu Botting

    Resolved in discord, thank you for the report and the evidence.
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    CamireHudson’s Ban appeal

    You forgot to add that you were hacking as well. Your account will remain permanently banned but you may make a new one in seven days.
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    I've changed your duration to seven days. Having your mini map the only thing shown on your screen does not prove active playing either. Play on your free time.
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    KS Report

    Banned, we appreciate the video evidence!
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    Re:v92 Current State - Something needs to be done!

    Frankly your thread is only adding fire to the existing 'fear' that people are talking about. Someone has DMed me asking for an explanation much like you are, so I'll comment it on here. Now this isn't necessarily an explanation about change, it's an explanation about the lack of transparency...
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    fake bidding

    No response - closing.
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    No response - closing.