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    Important Announcement

    took me a solid few seconds, then I realized you're early for April Fools lmao
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    Ability Circulators

    Anything to get more circs, resetting inner ability with the current circs is cancer
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    Can't expand my etc. inventory

    lol worked forgot about the corner
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    Can't expand my etc. inventory

    There isnt, I have this issue as well.
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    MapleStory BGM Competition

    Welcome to the Maplestory BGM Competition, I am a maplestory background music enthusiast and I want to share my love for it with a little user hosted event. So the event is as follows, each person will have to register for the event via forums with a forum name, ign, and discord name (full...
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    300k credit giveaway

    What ever happened to this? :o
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    Make PQ bonus party wide instead of individual.

    Lets try and keep this on topic and with constructive criticism. The excessive arguing is unnecessary. This is a solid suggestion and just by the sheer number of approval it has in less than 24 hours says enough. A small minority of players are against this.
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    Make PQ bonus party wide instead of individual.

    Amen Also, this is something I would strongly like as well. I PQ'd for like 4 hrs and didnt get bonus once and other people in my party got it like 6 times. It is really upsetting. Would like this a lot.
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    v92 reboot

    Wipe everything, ign's, chars, everything. Otherwise it really isnt a wipe
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    Ability Circulators

    I like that as well. However, even doubling the rate is still kinda a meh rate tbh. Would need to be adjusted since the new circs can give u rare or unique or anything. love this idea. There would def be a market for it
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    [Bug] Heaven's Door Random Chance to not go under cooldown.

    This is intentional on how the skill should work.
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    Where is confirmation? :(
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    Play whatever you like! Next patch is RED which means all the explorers get a revamp and cygnus knights get a revamp.
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    Ability Circulators

    Not everyone has all day to azwan. Many of us have lives and cant azwan for 60 hrs a week to get our inner
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    High Altitude Flight Skill.

    I just got a mount and I did not have the soaring kill for DRPQ, and I paid 50m to Chief tomato and I am able to soar fine.