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    Multipet Quest Ended due to Unknown Error

    The quest doesn't work with certain pets, like RED ones or Kangaroos for example. Have a different pet active while you finish the quests and then you can go back to using the ones you like.
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    Adding more channels for farming?

    I don't check ULU because I don't like it, but I do check WRZ and Garden and also hear from my friends and know that there are times of the day where finding a map feels pretty hopeless because these maps are too contested and you have people camping them or browsing through them over and over...
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    Why the damage cap should be raised pre-V

    I like Taboo's idea more than just removing cap earlier than it was supposed to. Who is hitting cap aside from mages during a portion of their Infinity (that skill has a ramp up and a cd, so it's not like we're hitting cap 100% of the time anyway) or people with a bunch of mules that can give...
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    Change CoG in MP from 30% to 50%

    I don't type like an idiot but yes. I backed that statement with the experience I had while playing before the event, and if you knew what's it like when you can't just buy 10 COGs, 10 MCSs and a couple Innos a week by playing 2-3 hour a day at your own leisure, you'd see that changing the % of...
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    Change CoG in MP from 30% to 50%

    I came back 3-4 months ago and I did get to experience the game before RED event. I still disagree with changing COGs in Monster Park. Just because the scroll isn't available there doesn't mean you can't get it. The fact that it's more efficient to get it elsewhere means people will be...
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    Change CoG in MP from 30% to 50%

    MP is easier than PQing by a lot. You get the tickets by farming or leveling, you can do it whenever you feel like it, stop whenever you feel like it, you can do it at pretty much any level. It's very convenient. PQing on the other hand, you have to wait until a PQ that people like is on...
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    Removing LGR and totem visual effects

    I like totems but dislike LGR. If it can be made so we can choose which effects we want and which ones we don't then I'm all for it.
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    Latest Accomplishments

    Made this in 19 cubes :D Also made a 36%int pendant earlier today! Hope this isn't my peak...
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    nvm. It looks like the voting message is working fine now.
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    Weird fps drop

    Apparently opening the skill window and going to the hyper skills tab makes your fps drop. One NL and Bucc friend confirmed it happened to them too. Beginner through 4th job skill tabs don't do that and no other window I tried did it either. I don't think it's a big deal but wanted to share...
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    i can't start zakum's pre quest help

    He said he picked the correct option in discord so... Maybe it's something similar to what happened here?
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    Gollux Coins

    You can't be serious. The current system is even worse, even for players who have put the time but are playing off-meta. I'd rather have my vote changed to 10% than keep the current system.
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    Gollux Coins

    ... You can still do hell without slaving away, just don't expect all the rewards from it. If you want to get rewarded you're gonna have to slave away, if not for Gollux then for CRA/Vellum (and those require much more slaving).
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    Gollux Coins

    If that's your point then you could go in with a hellux group and do it for funsies. The discussion here is more about who gets rewarded.
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    Gollux Coins

    The point about being just coins also applies to you... Just because the minimum necessary to get in is low doesn't mean that you're given everything out of it. Either way you're gonna have to put effort and upgrade until you're contributing enough to be part of drop splits or invest a bunch of...