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    Gaga Speed Run Thread

    30 minute gang where you at? I’m such trash at this.
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    KS at MP3

    Your IGN: Derelict IGN of accused player: TheKavel Accusation: Player KS despite being asked to change channel multiple times. Even when informed it is our map still nothing. Has happened on multiple occasions and is always the same outcome. Evidence:
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    Skill points reset

    Save your NX/Buy NX and reset it. Not sure what’s confusing here.
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    Farewell Temporary break after accident

    Guess you should’ve practiced social distancing better.
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    Scroll Changes

    Ok I’ll bite since no one else has, how much would the MP and PQ scrolls be reduced by? 10%, 20%, 50%? Some real numbers would help.
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    Latest Accomplishments

    Finally got my mask on my last day of Croosade . Good Bye Friends <3
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    Official Damage Range Thread

    Had a fun ride with the game. 192% Luk, no kentas, no DB mask (3 weeks no drop). Make this my entry instead of the Paladin Little Update: Got my mask. Good Bye Croosade <3 207% Luk
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    S>134 Attack Emp Cane

    Selling 134 Attack Emp Cane. C/O 2.4b by Cudder
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    Official Damage Range Thread

    End of the line for my Paladin. 203% Str.
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    What is your keyboard layout?

    Crash is love, crash is life.
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    Item Icon Customizations

    Thanks for considering us to keep using damage skins. It saves me so much during emp as a crasher. I like the notification for an important drop. Also I like the option of having two available item.wz so the player can choose what to use.
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    Item Icon Customizations

    I believe adding DABR, WABR, Almighty, and Ark rings would be a huge help as well. I'm sure someone out there has already has those so we would need their help to add them. I know this thread doesn't directly address damage skins, but they fall under the cosmetic WZ, is it fair to assume they...
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    B>Smokescreen 20

    Buying smokescreen 20, failed 3 already. none in market :(
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    Post your currently favourite Track!

    Gotta do it. Video makes it all better
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    Latest Accomplishments

    Finished up this bad boy last night!