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    S> Not So Well scrolled Empress Thief Hat, OA

    If u fail to buy cpham's gear can take consider :LOL: lowest offer : hat 100m a/w 400m 12321321321 oa 500m a/w 700m (can css 2 times)
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    Japanese warrior recipe

    Does madman ranmaru really drops warrior belt and shoulder recipe ?
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    electric shock bits box

    IGN: AlphaStrike Item name:electric shock bits box What is wrong with the item?: I can't open this box:oops:
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    S> perma nx + stuff

    lgr 800m
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    Don`t recieive NX from voting

    oh~I try close my adblock, and it works!!! But I used to get NX even i don`t close adblock.
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    Don`t recieive NX from voting

    Your IGN: AlphaStrike I can`t get NX from voting~~~ It has continued long time.
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    S> perma nx + stuff

    700m lgr
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    300k credit giveaway

    wowowo :D
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    S> 27% luk LGR

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    S>30% STR LGR (sold out)

    lowest offer 2b
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    T>30% STR for LGR 30%luck (or above 30% )

    pm AlphaStrike
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    Inner ability-buff duration

    IGN: AlphaStrike Class: Dual Master Skill name: Hyper skill -Blade Clone What is wrong with the skill?: I find the buff duration doesn`t apply on hyper skill , and the normal buff like final cut , link skill (Angelic buster) is indeed work , Is it a bug?
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    T> same attributes luk equip

    300m dbg 200m arrow
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    T> same attributes luk equip

    arrow 200m
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    Pinnacle scroll for weapon ATT

    How many times can I use pinnacle scroll for weapon on my weapon? Is it same as premium scroll that can only use twice?