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    What's next?

    I was always a fan of the Artifact Hunt event. Would probably have to change the way rewards work, so the permanent items aren't exclusive to the top 10 hunters.
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    Last Final HT FOREVER

    East | 174 Night Lord | PST. Put me down as a solid maybe. I need to see what the date and time ends up being.
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    v92 reboot

    Idk how to structure my thoughts but whatever, here's a wall. Wipe - I'd lean more towards a wipe than a new world, mostly to avoid confusion and attract new players. Class Reworks - I would like to see under powered classes get buffs but I guess that's out of the question. Croosade...
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    I originally thought that massive changes (like a coin shop and meso sinks) and some type of event would be enough to bring people back to v92, but everyone’s hyped for a fresh start. I’m not complaining because I like the proposed changes and the idea of Windia, but to me it’s basically the...
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    Reenter during boss raids

    Something like this was suggest and approved months ago but I guess they forgot about it or something.
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    Latest Failure Thread

    A legend died today
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    S>WA49 Skanda, A/W 60mil (SOLD)

    I'll a/w for 60mil lol. IGN BROCKHAMPTON.