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    Report against AIastor

    ---Harassment--- Must have multiple occasions of user harassing you with time stamps either using @map or @info. Must have the user blocked. Must include the full conversation, meaning messages that you sent and received. For now this is not enough for me to ban him. If it happens again make...
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    lungacho KSing

    Even though I can't see him attacking, I can still see from the chat that he was KSing you. Banned!
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    Ks in pirate den

    I'm sorry but in both of those picture I cannot see clearly that he is the one KSing you. Closing this case, if you have more evidence pls PM it to me.
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    Ks in pirate den

    Do you have another picture? you can't see in this picture that it's him KSing you.
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    Ks report

    Banned, thanks!
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    Berlinx report

    If it happens again with the same person, type @map and send it to me, I will take care of it.
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    Introduction Haroo

    Hello : ) Welcome to the server :p
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    feng, lnsanicMech

    No reply until now, if you have another evidence make sure to PM it to one of the GMs. For now I'm closing this report.
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    CD map

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    Discord Ban Appeal It's permanent.
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    Great report, really enjoyed reading about your real life, banned.
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    No answer, closing this case, if you have another evidence PM one of the GMs
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    Disconnect every 2 mins

    Are you playing on a full screen mode?
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