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    Justice to the ban system

    Yeah I also had my fair share of catching her attacking outside of RA for several minutes, add the fact that I was in her map for ~10 minutes ksing her (obviously I wouldn't have done that if I didnt have any prior allegations that she macros) and she only realized it after a guildie of hers...
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    Remove "System Chat Spam" Zero

    Its impossible to follow your chatbar while farming/bossing/existing as a zero, since you constantly get the "You may not use the skill yet" "You may not tag yet" all the fricking time. Please make it removeable or completely remove it.
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    S> Some Thief Gear

    bump again ! :mad:💢
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    Croosade's Meme Thread !

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    S> Some Thief Gear

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    S> Some Thief Gear

    Updated with autowins
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    S> Some Thief Gear

    I'll sell within a few days if I think the price is right. If you need time to farm, thats also okay with me. Also accepting Cubes @ 2.5m ea. | Still prefer pure Shoes c/o 1.5 [Raph] - a/w 1,75b
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    Damage skin not registered.

    Same here.
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    Adding more channels for farming?

    move to EU for always open channels ;) but nah, buffing other unpopular maps is a big + in my eyes!
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    T>36% INT for 33%+ LUK or TopUp

    Trading this ring for a 33%+ LUK Ring or a legendary ring with top up!
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    Flex Beautiful jett core and Sold stardusts

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    Flex Beautiful jett core and Sold stardusts

    hey ill buy em all
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    Voting suggestion

    I think changing it to twice a day is a good QoL! Also theres a constant reminder, that we have to vote, which is prolly still in the client from the other 2 websites. Would be great to remove these!
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    Dropped my dom pendant by accident. Please help.

    You should pm one of the admins on discord, same thing happened to me a year ago. They were kind enough to retrieve it back for me!
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    Demon slayer link skill bugged

    only ur first 12 Link Skills will appear :) since we can go over that cap some linkskills might not show up