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    Latest Accomplishments

    Did we rally up the family? :3c
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    Kaiser equips sale

    Update 25/11 - top/bot a/w'ed - c/o on sword updated - other item statuses updated
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    Kaiser equips sale

    Clean 30% str Blue tink shoulder up for sale /trade for dex Clean 27% str LGR as well *Willing to trade for DEX equipment of equal value Discord : xin#1122 [C/O] Hat 3b (anon 2) a/w 4b Top - sold (a/w'ed) Bottom - sold (a/w'ed) Sword 1.5b (anon 3) a/w 2.5b Pendant -traded Shoulder Belt -...
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    B> CRA Archer things

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    Will ol's the whisps earrings tradable??

    Hilla earrings are apparently a rare drop but its BiS? But they're untradable and no sok/psok option :c Can we get scissor option please uwu
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    Reconnect command

    Dc'ed in cht >:c
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    Contents for higher leveled players

    Ooops, my bad for not reading the rules in the start! ~Ignore this thread please ;w;~
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    Contents for higher leveled players

    Currently, I believe not much content are available for higher leveled players. Sure, there's ht and czak (maybe cht and pb but 👀). Then again, training post level 150 is just (At least in my perspective), bossing and ob4 until you can horntail (then its zak, cwk , ob4, ht) , then toadies or...
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    taxes are too damn high

    sir pls dont commit tax evasion
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    Automatic Events Adjustments

    It has nothing to do with fingers size. Its about doing it in the right time, jumping in the right time. And all that. And also about knowing how the JQ works, what obstacles are and how to deal with them properly. Sometimes you even need to be intentionally hit by something in a JQ, to move...
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    Automatic Events Adjustments

    I have phat fingers and cant jq for my life so I just skip fitness LOL RR is a simple way to get points so please dont take that away from me :c
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    Reconnect command

    I hope this goes through. Myself have Dced 2/2 in HT runs and a zak run. While those I made no significant difference (weak Aran ngl),I dced in a CWKPQ run today despite having good connection. As Aran I was pinning Hsalf and Relik on the Left side while Red Nirg is on the right and Morgana is...
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    Sharp Eyes and barisetter

    I believe the crit and crit damage stack? If not there wont be any use for Arans to use mach besides the Spirit damage + 20% (OB4) But I'm a potato so I'd like to follow the thread too uwu ;w;
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    Maple Music Video! 0uO

    Ty for cropping that stuff out uwu ily my lil bb ♡