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    Training v153 Quest-Oriented Training Guide

    nice guide! it looks like you put a lot of work and effort into this!
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    R>Guild in NA region?

    R>family! We are mostly NA guild! But before you commit take a look at the recruitment tab on the forums and look through the guilds to find the one that you think fits you best. Basically all the guilds that I know are great options :)
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    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!

    it's been a month since we last advertised so R>FAMILY!!! WE HAVE LGRS!
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    Update GPQ drops

    Now that gollux belts are here, no one wants blue tink belt and shoulder isn't worth much because it is not BIS. The only good loot is LGR and GSE which are super rare... I think gpq can get a good update to still be worth running regularly if maybe you give it some pq points or add some new...
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    Introduction New to Croosade

    Another bishop main! Welcome! :)
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    add a shop for snowdrop coins

    I agree with the post written above by Fredward18. I think that having a shop for the snowdrop coins would be beneficial to the server populous and I think that a cosmetic shop would undoubtedly be a nice addition to the event that has been going on thus far. However, I must add, perhaps, in...
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    DamageSkin.img not found

    yeah if you need the file message me on discord i'll send it to you Omri#3556
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    Training Rabbi's Guide to Croosade

    okay! i've released another update for this guide! i don't think i will keep it up to date for much longer as i don't play the server anymore.
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    Make old pets obtainable again

    L>Harp Seal, stickman, elephant, pink bean, weird alien! maybe add some pets to credit shop like there used to be in v92 before the wipe?
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    Bishop--Holy Symbol Status Resist + Adv Bless Boss Killer + Potion Lock

    kinda a stupid question but when you say potion lock, do you mean potion lock or potential lock (aka pot lock or pl)? dispel does not dispel pot lock but it should dispel potion lock. from my experience, it works as intended, at least on myself... i don't think i've tested potion lock on others...
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    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!

    join family if you like LGRs!!!
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    Pets autobuff without the skill

    also happened to me with my pet!
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    Cannot expand guild

    also have been having trouble: 1. requesting to join a new guile 2. approving said requests 3. leveling up guild skills
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    Buddy List Expansion Bug

    Also noting, the top of the UI says "Maple User List & Guild" even though the guild is no longer in the same UI
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    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!