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    Important Announcement

    If I'm level 250 Bishop, do you de-level me or remove my char?
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    More channels

    Don't suppose it's possible to just add mini-dungeons for maps?
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    Can't remove NX item from my inventory

    oof, thanks!
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    Can't remove NX item from my inventory

    Any chance I can get this item removed from my inventory? When I try to pop it in the cash shop I get this: Much obliged!
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    Cant enter mushroom kingdom due to my mistake

    pretty sure those little mushroom bags also let you bypass the barrier but i think it consumes it? The ones the purple guys drop I mean
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    vote GTOP100

    That's just gtop you can only vote once a day, they still give u ur vps tho
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    Obtained medals not showing new medal

    Not sure if it's just this one in particular or all medals
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    Reboot is coming!

    Not sure about most of the stuff you posted but Rash or Dark Rash idr, drop mythril ore pretty good, farmed there a lot when the fusion system first dropped and made a killing
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    Reboot is coming!

    I didn't see anything about changes to the leech system, was that decided not to happen? :3
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    v92 reboot

    I guess you didn't mean do stuff as in "add stuff" but just back-end things?
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    R>Skele Leechers 108+ 7pm CST

    starting in 45min cause I forgot to make dinner and I'm not grinding on an empty stomach! 🐔
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    R>Skele Leechers 108+ 7pm CST

    Looking for leechers for about 2 hours every day this week, trying for 175 before Harvey starts adding boss related stuff and/or removes the ability to afk leech. It would be nice if you had haste but it isn't required, semi-afking welcome. oh right, IGN is SaltedHS
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    Last Final HT FOREVER

    ign: SaltedHS 172 Bishop CST
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    v92 reboot

    Same reason you would play knowing the server is not going to be online forever? Show the admins the server is making a comeback and that doing a wipe would not be the best idea, otherwise trying to argue against the wipe is just as pointless
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    v92 reboot

    Yeah I know, I acknowledged that when I told them to start playing again