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    S> Perfect emp gun, 50% bd 15% ied,

    Erm I’m willing to offer 500m I know it’s not a starting bid but hope you will accept it.
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    T>CHTP 9wa 15%dex for str

    as title ^
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    PQ-Shop and PQ coins

    I would use innocence scroll on my fked emp cape just saying, other than that yeah nothing else.
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    Update v110

    Aran update :gasps: (time to consider comin back). Edit: same sex marriage :oops:
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    Progression - Obtaining Cubes

    No idea if my insight is relatable to anyone else but I just wanted to share why I quit the server as it is heavily due to the cubes. I've spent 4 days at slimes farming cubes for my emp overall, and even tho it was already unique and 3 lines (after around 60cubes and 32pcubes) I probably used...
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    Ksing at cd's

    Your IGN: Pack IGN of accused player: Naiker Accusation: Hitting mobs at my cd's map for 3min after clearly stating it's my map and asking him to leave. Also looting items. Evidence:
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    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!

    Hi, if you haven't been added yet please whisper Wilk, Casca, Dimple or TargetMarket for an invite :) I should be on for another couple of hours (Wilk).
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    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!

    Thanks everyone for another cool event! Hope we can do a bigger one sometime soon :) Family <3 We still got spots! Join us now!
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    Was this already sold? If not can I know who's the c/o?
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    Scheduled Game Update: v105

    If you installed v105 without making a copy of v100 you will have to wait for an update to kick in. Probably gonna happen in 5-7hours.
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    S>Pirate Equips

    i will offer 120m for 7att shoes ign: elmo
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    Scheduled Game Update: v105

    Is marriage between same genders going to be possible in this update? Not being able to use those cute marriage items with someone you want (not mules) would be really sad.