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  1. Salted

    Can't remove NX item from my inventory

    Any chance I can get this item removed from my inventory? When I try to pop it in the cash shop I get this: Much obliged!
  2. Salted

    Obtained medals not showing new medal

    Not sure if it's just this one in particular or all medals
  3. Salted

    R>Skele Leechers 108+ 7pm CST

    Looking for leechers for about 2 hours every day this week, trying for 175 before Harvey starts adding boss related stuff and/or removes the ability to afk leech. It would be nice if you had haste but it isn't required, semi-afking welcome. oh right, IGN is SaltedHS
  4. Salted

    Can't vote

    Hey! I just walked in the door 3 minutes ago and went to vote but I'm getting the error message that I already voted about 20 minutes ago At first I had assumed it's cause I'm on a VPN but i turned it off and I still get the message (My NX Cash is still at 32k like it was before I left for work...
  5. Salted


    Could you please increase the drop rate on this item? I've never seen Zak or Pap drop it once.
  6. Salted

    Krexel - Almighty Ring

    LF>Almighty Rings to be added to Krexel There's not many rings in the server as it is and it'd be nice if Krexel dropped his ring :3 Or is the reason it's not in the game because it wasn't available in this version?
  7. Salted

    LF>Holy Shield to block stuns

    Right now all Holy Shield does is what Dispel already does even though it states 'abnormal conditions'
  8. Salted

    B>Crimson Arcanon 121 TMA+ 5m ea [No longer]

    Better than what the NPC wants for it!
  9. Salted

    Trading White Scroll for Gen 30

    My scroll your book.
  10. Salted

    S>Perm 5/5 Pop 1B +Gen 30

    Put the full thread message in the title to save people time clicking in this thread :3 To anyone who came in trying to haggle: no, I'm not willing to sell it for any less don't even bother asking.
  11. Salted

    Party 30-man Bishop Zakum Expedition

    Hello fellow Croosaders! Want to do something cool but too afraid to try drugs? Well I've got the next best thing! I'm putting together a 30-man Bishop Zakum Expedition this Sunday August 12th at 2AM server time! (9pm Saturday August 11th Central Standard) What I need: - If you want to join...
  12. Salted

    Need help with HTPQ (Genesis)

    Reign guild carried me through. THANKS A LOT!!