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  1. Salted

    Missing Autobuff gem

    Now I could be wrong as I don't keep track of shit that well, but I'm preeeeeeeeeetty sure the last time my autobuff/pet feed expired I had 1k credits left that day so I decided to buy the auto feed and I popped in another $25 dono (cause chairs u kno) then once that went through which I'm...
  2. Salted

    Manon respawn timer/Horntail DC respawn map

    With more groups running Horntail finding a Manon is becoming less of a "ill try again later" and more of a "lets each camp a channel". So I was just wondering if you would be open to reducing the cool-down on Manon respawn. Could you also change the map that you spawn after disconnecting...
  3. Salted

    Mana reflection doesn't deal damage

    When Mana Reflection hits that % chance to reflect the damage it shows the damage number and activates the HP bar but it doesn't actually reduce the mobs HP
  4. Salted

    Can't remove NX item from my inventory

    Any chance I can get this item removed from my inventory? When I try to pop it in the cash shop I get this: Much obliged!
  5. Salted

    Obtained medals not showing new medal

    Not sure if it's just this one in particular or all medals
  6. Salted

    R>Skele Leechers 108+ 7pm CST

    Looking for leechers for about 2 hours every day this week, trying for 175 before Harvey starts adding boss related stuff and/or removes the ability to afk leech. It would be nice if you had haste but it isn't required, semi-afking welcome. oh right, IGN is SaltedHS
  7. Salted

    Can't vote

    Hey! I just walked in the door 3 minutes ago and went to vote but I'm getting the error message that I already voted about 20 minutes ago At first I had assumed it's cause I'm on a VPN but i turned it off and I still get the message (My NX Cash is still at 32k like it was before I left for work...
  8. Salted


    Could you please increase the drop rate on this item? I've never seen Zak or Pap drop it once.
  9. Salted

    Krexel - Almighty Ring

    LF>Almighty Rings to be added to Krexel There's not many rings in the server as it is and it'd be nice if Krexel dropped his ring :3 Or is the reason it's not in the game because it wasn't available in this version?
  10. Salted

    Holy Shield to block stuns

    Right now all Holy Shield does is what Dispel already does even though it states 'abnormal conditions'
  11. Salted

    B>Crimson Arcanon 121 TMA+ 5m ea [No longer]

    Better than what the NPC wants for it!
  12. Salted

    Trading White Scroll for Gen 30

    My scroll your book.
  13. Salted

    S>Perm 5/5 Pop 1B +Gen 30

    Put the full thread message in the title to save people time clicking in this thread :3 To anyone who came in trying to haggle: no, I'm not willing to sell it for any less don't even bother asking.
  14. Salted

    Party 30-man Bishop Zakum Expedition

    Hello fellow Croosaders! Want to do something cool but too afraid to try drugs? Well I've got the next best thing! I'm putting together a 30-man Bishop Zakum Expedition this Sunday August 12th at 2AM server time! (9pm Saturday August 11th Central Standard) What I need: - If you want to join...
  15. Salted

    Need help with HTPQ (Genesis)

    Reign guild carried me through. THANKS A LOT!!