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    B>Perfect scrolled Dagger/Katara

    Looking for perfect empress dagger(+10), and also perfect katara (doesn't have to be empress). Don't mind about the potential but obviously will pay extra if its a good one.
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    B>Thief Gear

    Looking for the items beloew: Chtp 10+ att (prefer with %luk) belt 10+ att (prefer with %luk) empress gear 10+ att earrings 21%+ luk eye 10%+ luk
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    B> High att belt/chtp

    looking for more than 8att. prefer with % luk or no potenital.
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    B>Crushed skull

    Looking for one with high att or clean one with good pot. Or both. Thank you
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    B>Unique thief gear

    looking for : shoes pendent gloves prefer with % luk but also any 3l is good
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    Manon respawn time

    I am not sure if its the right place to ask this, but what is manon's respawn time after he is getting killed. i couldnt find the exact answer for this version so thats why im asking. Thank you for any help.
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    B>lvl 100+ dagger

    prefer reverse one with high att/ decent pot
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    B>Any 3L unique cape or with 15+ %luk