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  1. kat10

    What to listen to while grinding?

    You like listening to far right nutjobs? o_o
  2. kat10

    S > ST 108atk clean

    S/B 30m A/W 100m Yes, 108atk clean! Highest it goes and very rare, in fact only one I've seen! and a few 107atk ones
  3. kat10

    3 letter igns for donators

    I would like Pho, if we're adding in names
  4. kat10

    The Owl of Minerva from 700 NX to 1 - 10 NX or 90 Days version.

    I don’t like this idea as this rips a riff between hardcore players and people who play regularly for fun. The server is still small where if you spent hours grinding you can control prices in fm and lowball everyone to the point that ppl will have to adjust to your prices. It only takes 20mins...
  5. kat10

    Holding BF maps

    After Megumi showed up and started killing that BF in ch1 then cc'd to ch6 to kill the other BF.
  6. kat10

    Holding BF maps

    Also would like to add, if this was allowed what i originally posted, then I could just login my 15x F/P and hold map, when realistically I can't kill it on my F/P without taking hours.
  7. kat10

    Holding BF maps

    Your IGN: Shamble IGN of accused player: Poperea Accusation: Poperea Evidence: The 6 screenshots. Poperea was holding bf map, he's a level 125 NL, and can't kill BF. He was holding it for another guild member, he didn't even attempt to attack BF for 4 minutes. ( IGN: seel), you can even see...
  8. kat10

    S > lucky taru totem and taru spirit cape

    sorry already sold for 95m
  9. kat10

    Remove/change croosade points for staying online

    Sorry, wasn’t directed at you brennan but the op lol
  10. kat10

    Remove/change croosade points for staying online

    Anyone complaining about electricity or using that as an excuse, I 100% know you arn't paying for your electricity and probably living under mom's roof. Please show me the breakdown of your electric bill. Using 3 PC simutaneously along with fans, plugs, and other random crap it cost me 7...
  11. kat10

    Job < Aran Guide > A Guide to Swinging Polearms

    Do you recommend any finger exercises.
  12. kat10

    Job A Marksman Guide

    Best Markmans Guide - don't make one, jk lol
  13. kat10

    4th job advancement

    Just sell NX, literally just selling 2 hammers 8.5k nx will net you 10m easily. That's voting 3 times in one day, out of how long it takes you to get to 120.
  14. kat10

    Requesting a secondary alternate way to acquire AP resets.

    You can realistically get 3 AP resets a day easily, no right minded person would buy 1 AP reset for 40 points.
  15. kat10

    DIGGER's Excavation Shop (8 att pac hammered)

    When are you ending bid for the pac?
  16. kat10

    Create your own chair event

    1. Everyone submits a photo of a chair they created or drawn 2. Create a deadline and a poll for people to vote 3. The prizes as followed Rank 1 - Their chair design + 30k nx Rank 2 - Their chair design + 10k nx Rank 3 - Their chair design
  17. kat10

    DIGGER's Excavation Shop (8 att pac hammered)

    I'll trade you a Horntail Necklace for it 22/22/22/22 stats
  18. kat10

    DIGGER's Excavation Shop (8 att pac hammered)

    150m for PAC
  19. kat10

    how do you re-make a wedding ring if you blow it

    ^^ what's the quest line called
  20. kat10

    Introduction Hi there!

    Or is it a polysaccharide, why am i thinking about this so early