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  1. Gabe

    Small Improvements for Progressive

    Hello again everyone! I wanted to make this post a long time ago, but I didn’t because I was afraid of a negative response. Right now, Croosade is one of the best servers I’ve ever played on. People told me it was the best coded server and they weren’t wrong. You guys are doing great work here...
  2. Gabe

    Normal root abyss requirement

    Can we change it to only one person requirement to enter? With the low population the server has right now, I can't find people on my time zone and with the new multi client rule, I can't use mules to enter =/
  3. Gabe

    Chains of Hell

    Since we're having some client issue (?) with dmg reflect and poison, can we make chains of hell not able to kill the poor dbs? Chains of Hell should not kill you when used on dmg reflect. proof - 1576808365
  4. Gabe

    V 128 > V137 Changes

    Here it is the most relevant things from v128 to 137. GMS v128 - Guide System - Kanna and Hayato preparation patch - Lvl 150 EQPS - Tot’s Know How system -2 new medals and a chair from this - Curbrock quest - New Belt, earrings, pendant, ring and badge for low levels - New Character...
  5. Gabe

    S> Phantom Equips

    \/ EMP CANE SOLD I have no offers in the moment. Feel free to offer ^_^
  6. Gabe

    Automated Event Shop - Gagaberg

    Since the beggining of the automated events, I dont feel like it’s worth doing it. It is the most RNG thing in the server. My suggestion is to make a shop with GOOD items but HARD to get. You can get 1 coin everytime you finish an event and all items in the shop should be untradeable. The...
  7. Gabe

    Judgment Daw

    Does the drop rate works?
  8. Gabe

    Phantom's Carte Noir skill

    Can we make this skill to not kill the poor phantoms on dr and works like teleport skill and all final atk skills that doesnt trigger dr please?
  9. Gabe

    S> Thief Eqps

    Overall > SOLD A/W HAT > SOLD A/W Pet Eqp > No C/O and no A/W
  10. Gabe

    Family boost buff.

    Can we have it to stack with others buffs and make family useful once again? It got exported from v92 where 20atk used to be an op buff. Right now its is just an ok buff.
  11. Gabe

    Life Drain - Dual Blade

    IGN: Gabe Class: Dual Blade Skill name: Life Drain What is wrong with the skill?: The skill seems not to be working. Tested it with a lvl 10 dagger and katara and made a video. It doenst proc as you can see in the video. More than 2 mins of video and no heal.
  12. Gabe

    T> 12% str specs for 12% luk!

    Pm me in game (Ign: Gabe) or discord Gabe#9076
  13. Gabe

    Make transparent shield covers kataras

    I don't know if its some kind of "Client mods" But is it possible to make transparent shield covers kataras? those items are ugly D:
  14. Gabe

    Nostalgic Videos

    Post here some old but gold maplestory videos so we can remeber all that nostalgia!