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  1. chunchunmaru

    Decent class for starting out?

    Im back to croosade after pretty much a year, and was wondering which class was good for a clean guy like me heh, help appreciated ~
  2. chunchunmaru


    So I've been playing for around a week or little more, and been dcing constantly every couple minutes. There have been some times where I just cant play at all, or can play for around an hr or so. The main problem is that I can't boss at all, I just dc everytime Im trying to, where in v92 or v95...
  3. chunchunmaru

    Should I come back to play?

    My story with sade is weird, I started playing january 2018, quitted and came back around july until october. I really love this server but had to focus on uni, and here I am now, thinking about coming back to sade since I havent played v100 yet... Question is, how is the economy / game right...
  4. chunchunmaru

    B> Berserk 30

    Send your price, IGN : Chun Discord : Benji#7362 dm anywhere, im always there.
  5. chunchunmaru

    Non-RNG based events

    A little backstory on me playing events on this server: -Started back then in december/january when christmas event was going on, which was amazing yet so simple (even tho it was RNG based) with the best reward being red sock (which I got!!). -Came back when golden temple event was ending so...
  6. chunchunmaru

    Early 4th job Dark knight training

    So im lvl 124 and looking for some tips to grind, I've been doing newties since I got to 4th job, wouldnt mind going back to himes, but I feel like its a pot burn using berserk when I need like 24%hp below, which atm is 3.3k for me. So any tips/maps on where to grind?? Expected time to lvl? Any...
  7. chunchunmaru

    Report on iArk

    Your IGN: Serendipity IGN of accused player: iArk Accusation: Player comes, ks and tell me (map owner) to cc then makes fun of the report. Evidence:
  8. chunchunmaru

    Report on Sevari, KS

    Your IGN: Benji IGN of accused player: Sevari Accusation: Kill Stealing Evidence: Asked him couple times to cc, he came to the map earlier but I assume came back since all maps are full. He's still at the time of this report on my map. Edit1: Added one more ss
  9. chunchunmaru

    DK main looking for guidance

    So it's my first time maining a DK on a low pserver rates, the other servers I played, I mained FP only. This time I decided to try something new and picked DK because I find them pretty cool, but at lvl 80, I feel l'm lacking mesos and gear, which sucks for me and my motivation to keep the...
  10. chunchunmaru

    Gtop voting problem

    Okay, so I've played this server since january-feb and quit when march started ( uni ). I came back couple weeks ago now, and since then I haven't been able to vote on gtop without having to try like 10+ times if lucky! It's really annoying because it says you have already voted, please wait...