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  1. chunchunmaru

    givin away 160k nx

  2. chunchunmaru


    How can we be embarassed if we all are getting to that age... Maplestory community has grown older with the game. Years ago the average age of maplers was 15~16. Now its on the 20's. I'm happy we have all been growing together since we started this toxic game 🥰
  3. chunchunmaru

    Myself on Croosade back in the day

    Ask Ny- wait who?
  4. chunchunmaru

    What's next?

    I'm glad I got back to the server, makes me happy to see this as active as before 🥰
  5. chunchunmaru

    v92 reboot

    If rates are decreased from 4x to 2x it would be same as many servers that has existed since v95 came out. Since I played them all, I am completely against lowering the rates. For normies like me and some others I know (like Nakurusa), even though we started the server when it had less than 70...
  6. chunchunmaru

    Can i make demon avenger now ?

    You can't make a demon avenger for now. I'm not sure either when they will be released, they just did Hayato, theres still kanna and xenon left which was at v138.
  7. chunchunmaru

    It's Dead

    someone fund my dk pls
  8. chunchunmaru

    Allow the user to adjust the exp rate from 1 to 3.

    Being able to lower ur exp its not bad, if you want it thats ok, but as Snoopy said, you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage, so I don't see a why this should be implemented on v92.
  9. chunchunmaru

    Make the event snowman a bit less time consuming.

    I went twice, the first time was already on mid stage 2 and was fun, but the next one, it was summoned while I was there and man, I really wanted to kms
  10. chunchunmaru

    Decent class for starting out?

    Im back to croosade after pretty much a year, and was wondering which class was good for a clean guy like me heh, help appreciated ~
  11. chunchunmaru

    Royal Rotations [Cosmetic Guide]

    hime hair
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    So I've been playing for around a week or little more, and been dcing constantly every couple minutes. There have been some times where I just cant play at all, or can play for around an hr or so. The main problem is that I can't boss at all, I just dc everytime Im trying to, where in v92 or v95...
  13. chunchunmaru

    Make empress staff normal att speed instead of slow.

    I don't think we should have this kind of changes, as the next patches may fix this and nerf/buff other classes. Thats how this progressive server will work. There were always bams back then who still used empress gear, and those who just didn't use them.
  14. chunchunmaru

    Introduction Sup

    dont worry, eventually we will take that long to charge. But welcome
  15. chunchunmaru

    Title - Mushroom kingdom guardian is unable to complete

    I am pretty sure there is a way to obtain it, i've seen many people with the medal before, even on v95, where I couldn't get it, but they did. Maybe we missed something, or maybe its a bug, not really sure.
  16. chunchunmaru

    Should I come back to play?

    Pretty much what I expected, I'll think about it and will start voting, is there any info on next version update? Guess will check forums every now and then. Thanks!!
  17. chunchunmaru

    Should I come back to play?

    My story with sade is weird, I started playing january 2018, quitted and came back around july until october. I really love this server but had to focus on uni, and here I am now, thinking about coming back to sade since I havent played v100 yet... Question is, how is the economy / game right...
  18. chunchunmaru

    MESO SINK + NX + @points shop (v92)

    we all still vote for the same server though, so players stay the same