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    Codex Sets

    nvm just delete it
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    S> EMP AXE

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    Event chaos scrolls

    look, are you sure the event chaos scrolls are 60% success rate? cuz i went through like 200 scrolls and its most definitely not 60% to me.
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    Losing Maps

    can you please do something about having to turn in quests manually at the new event hub I lost my farming map so many times cuz i have to go for 10 secs to turn the quest in then a player comes in and is like ohh check @map its really annoying
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    Botting @FutureHenesys

    Your IGN: Pemera IGN of accused player: Pororo Accusation: Botting @Future Henesys Evidence: Video Footage the earlier parts where he was ksing my map was at Hill North of henesys ruins, the slime map and he keeps teleporting from there to the main city
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    21%dex buckle