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  1. kat10

    S > ST 108atk clean

    S/B 30m A/W 100m Yes, 108atk clean! Highest it goes and very rare, in fact only one I've seen! and a few 107atk ones
  2. kat10

    Holding BF maps

    Your IGN: Shamble IGN of accused player: Poperea Accusation: Poperea Evidence: The 6 screenshots. Poperea was holding bf map, he's a level 125 NL, and can't kill BF. He was holding it for another guild member, he didn't even attempt to attack BF for 4 minutes. ( IGN: seel), you can even see...
  3. kat10

    Create your own chair event

    1. Everyone submits a photo of a chair they created or drawn 2. Create a deadline and a poll for people to vote 3. The prizes as followed Rank 1 - Their chair design + 30k nx Rank 2 - Their chair design + 10k nx Rank 3 - Their chair design
  4. kat10

    how do you re-make a wedding ring if you blow it

    ^^ what's the quest line called
  5. kat10

    improvement on black sacks

    The black sacks currently are weak, I can only kill a few henehoes 4-5 before a weak lvl 60-70 person comes and kill my fun. Would like to see something stronger only lvl 120+ can kill. Thank you
  6. kat10

    Horntail Egg Quest bug

    After doing the Dragon Squad Mission quest, it lets you enter the Nine Spirit Nest if you have the egg then you go up to the platform and the dragon appears and hands you a Dragon Stone x1 to scroll your Horntail Pendant. So the dragon didn't show up and I D'C (BSOD) and I don't think the quest...
  7. kat10

    S > lucky taru totem and taru spirit cape

    Taru totem - 130m Taru spirit cape - 100m I invited a rabbi to personally bless these two items so when you apply a CS it'll give increase odds of +5. Take this limited time opportunity!
  8. kat10

    drop bug?

    Leviathan not showing up on drops, only reason I post this because it says Paralyze 30 is only dropped by Leviathan, but I killed a lot and haven't seen any kind of Mastery Book.
  9. kat10

    button for multiple chairs

    Just a +/- button to purchase multiple chairs, since you can only buy a chair one at a time, there's that cooldown when you kept entering @credits. Not a big deal, just a nuisance when buying 30 chairs in one sitting.
  10. kat10

    S > 14atk PWG

    Very rare, very sexy 14atk purple wg. Get rid of that nasty brown one, you can purchase this one of a kind. Even comes with luk! Starting at 125m OBO. Ign - Synergy Leave offer or head to my fm5 shop to purchase it! Thank you~
  11. kat10

    Revisiting Shadowers skills

    Understanding I have may 2 other threads I believe that were denied and warned. I would like to bring up this topic again but with more facts. Increase Bstep damage from 500% to 850% (to increase damage for bossing, yet still not overtaking warriors or even close to it) Increase Smoke Shell...
  12. kat10

    neo city quest line bug

    disregard this
  13. kat10

    B> Bstep 30

    Message me in game - Synergy or leave a comment below
  14. kat10

    First maple moments

    Since we're all here for a reason, I'll start off with my first/fav moments - dying on boat ride cause I afked to long and balrog killed me - finding a channel at FOG - Selling tracking for ludi pq for 10k
  15. kat10

    what quest/boss increases fame?

  16. kat10

    Guild PQ

    I haven't seen this on any suggestions or search. Would like to see this implemented to create more of a community and camaraderie and maybe only 2-3 times a week but drop itcg materials.
  17. kat10

    HP washing

    I couldn't find that thread on HP washing about maybe making it a drop like for example 250 HP drop every week, and then limited it so a mage can't have 30k HP. I like this, but if you were to limit the amount like mages can only get a max of 5k extra HP from these drops, but can you make it so...
  18. kat10

    Gach item/Revamp

    Add Dragon Khanjar and Dragon Kanzir Gach. Pickpocket drops larger amount of meso for ME Able to use ME skill more further away than the meso. Instead of having to be within like 1 inch, maybe 2 inches would be better I mean Shadowers are already low on the totem pole for DPS Thanks
  19. kat10

    duplicate chairs

    IGN - Synergy Not sure because I bought all available chairs and its repeating? Would like two suprise boxes in exchange D:
  20. kat10

    Lost items after reset

    IGN: MagicStick Everyone is doing it so guess I'll do one, don't remember 100% what I lost (approx num) Ewand 4 - 87 MA 70% accessory for str - 1? 70% accessory for int - 5? 70% accessory for luk - 3? 70% accessory for dex - 3? WS - 1 30% claw atk - 1 60% claw atk - 1 60% cape for int - 1...