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  1. Aquaria

    Introduction woops

    i look like booboo the fool now
  2. Aquaria

    Frailty Curse - Nightlord

    First didnt know that mobs and bosses affected by Frailty curse should have a mark above their head, but today in Zakum realized that the spawns got a red star above their head when passing the zone. Also realized, that there should be -30% DEF, but DMG on PB and other mobs doesnt really change...
  3. Aquaria

    Please add all NX Items from the versions we skip

    Basically we are missing quite a lot of NX items when we skip 5-6 versions at a time, that are not included anymore in the later versions. IE: Phantom Outfit was available during v112~ yet by skipping to v116 these items are not included anymore. Same goes to specific pets, like the Demon Pets-...
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    never freaking mind
  5. Aquaria

    [QUEST] Like Pulling Strings

    IGN: Lune Name of Quest: Like Pulling Strings What is wrong with the Quest: Game Object Script is missing. Need it to get Will of Alliance in the future. Missing Drop?: YES/NO Spoiler: NPC: Francis Puppeteer
  6. Aquaria

    B> Black Crystals

    B> all your Black Crystals (ore)
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    everything sold
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    Travelers Cape (NX Item)

    IGN: Varu Item name: Travelers Cape What is wrong with the item?: The position of the cape is wrong. Should look like this: and not like this:
  9. Aquaria

    PQ-Shop and PQ coins

    First of all, a huge thank you to the devs and admins for the new update and the implantation of the PQ Shop. I do know for a fact, that the PQ Shop might be remodeled, but as off now its somewhat underwhelming, hence I'm making this suggestion. Adjust the PQ coins to the length and difficulty...
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    it gone

  11. Aquaria

    S> Archer Stuff

    15% DEX Overall Lvl 90 (Male) Clean Empress Overall for Archer
  12. Aquaria

    Bring back highlighted messages when someone gets something good from Gacha

    basically this is gacha related, but has nothing to do with the items you gain from gacha. its basically just about the message that pop up like a smega. suggestion is for items like: katara 10%, ws, mcs, etc. + gives the feeling of a more alive server + useful to also sell items - could spam...
  13. Aquaria

    S> 21% STR Helmet (or T> 21% DEX)

    a/W = 250m c/O = -
  14. Aquaria

    T> % LUK for % DEX (or sell)

    HB Pants - a/W 45m Leave offers or pm me on discord (Momo#0972)
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  16. Aquaria


    it gone
  17. Aquaria

    S>15% INT Earrings 60m

    S> 15% INT Earrings (Lvl 75 Unique)
  18. Aquaria

    T> 18% DEX Czak for % LUK Czak

    T> 18% DEX (20/21/22/21) CZak for similar % LUK CZak
  19. Aquaria

    T>15% STR Earrings for 15% + INT

    Is done
  20. Aquaria

    P/C Ancient Faceguard