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  1. Aquaria

    Farewell o/

  2. Aquaria

    Make SSB give perm nx at a very low % chance

    I really like the idea of spending 2k to extend it to 90 days and maybe another 2-4k for it to be perm - untradeable.
  3. Aquaria

    Make SSB give perm nx at a very low % chance

    this is about the progressive server not the v92 server
  4. Aquaria

    Introduction woops

    this is the worst attempt to keep me here! bye felicia 💀 1565255692 who are u again ???
  5. Aquaria

    Introduction woops

    Same goes to you 😎 1565242596 See you in v160 ☠️
  6. Aquaria

    Introduction woops

    i look like booboo the fool now
  7. Aquaria

    Frailty Curse - Nightlord

    First didnt know that mobs and bosses affected by Frailty curse should have a mark above their head, but today in Zakum realized that the spawns got a red star above their head when passing the zone. Also realized, that there should be -30% DEF, but DMG on PB and other mobs doesnt really change...
  8. Aquaria

    Please add all NX Items from the versions we skip

    Basically we are missing quite a lot of NX items when we skip 5-6 versions at a time, that are not included anymore in the later versions. IE: Phantom Outfit was available during v112~ yet by skipping to v116 these items are not included anymore. Same goes to specific pets, like the Demon Pets-...
  9. Aquaria

    Recovery roles

    lovexxy definetly was in my alliance but I cannot find him on the rankings anymore, so I believe he accidentally (?) deleted his character, and is asking if you can recover his character ?
  10. Aquaria

    Please lower the cost of scrolls in the PQ shop.

    Clearly, going from 150 coins to 100 coins which saves you around 2 hours, is too much to ask for. 🙄 It still takes like 3-4+ hours to get 100 coins, nobody is asking for them to be just dropable by Mushrooms 😶.
  11. Aquaria

    Please lower the cost of scrolls in the PQ shop.

    5-6 Hours of farming for a scroll that might fail, and put you back to square 1, is not what I understand under „progress at a steady rate“. I havent upgraded my gear in almost 2 month, in any way shape of form, cause the gamble is too high. And now that there is somewhat of a save option, I...
  12. Aquaria

    Please lower the cost of scrolls in the PQ shop.

    Just did KPQ for like 2 1/2 hours straight, and I dont even have 50% of what is needed for the CoGs. Like Choke said, all I can think about is I want to kms-
  13. Aquaria


    never freaking mind
  14. Aquaria

    Latest Accomplishments

    please press the organize button :(
  15. Aquaria

    [QUEST] Like Pulling Strings

    IGN: Lune Name of Quest: Like Pulling Strings What is wrong with the Quest: Game Object Script is missing. Need it to get Will of Alliance in the future. Missing Drop?: YES/NO Spoiler: NPC: Francis Puppeteer
  16. Aquaria

    Equipment Issue

    you reach the dex requirement for your equip with the glove, once you unequip it you are missing the dex from the glove to equip the rest of your gear!
  17. Aquaria

    v116: Renegades x Mutiny

    big thank you for the amazing update! and another thank you for listening to the community and giving us more access to rare scrolls! 😽
  18. Aquaria

    What is your keyboard layout?

    nice and simple
  19. Aquaria

    Update Management

    Considering that we jump multiple versions at once, I strongly agree that publishing the update once the core is done as a great idea. In the past, when an update came out with multiple stuff, it felt kinda overwhelming and you first had to sort everything out before knowing what to do. Also the...
  20. Aquaria

    juju's shop - closed

    IGN: Eleven Reference: