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  1. Rempex

    The current state of the economy

    well Hey! I vouch for Owls for meso inside the miu miu! <3
  2. Rempex

    Scheduled Game Update: v105

    OH YESS GOOD STUFF <3 THanx for this amazing work!
  3. Rempex

    Buying Timeless Dagger!

    Got one now!
  4. Rempex

    Buying Timeless Dagger!

    Buying Timeless Killic or Pescas! PM me on discord @Rempex#7920 or add me ingame Shad!
  5. Rempex

    27% luk earring for sale!

    Add me on Discord Rempex#7920 or Ingame = Shad
  6. Rempex

    27% luk earring for sale!

    Selling my 27% luk earrings, c/o 800m by Vega! Highest offer wins. I take ws 35m ea as currency. Pref mesos!
  7. Rempex

    Wild Hunter and Marksman skill bug (Sharp eyes)

    Me and Katten has tested this for several hours to see if it increases Minimum critical dmg, but we have yet to seen an increase in dmg with SE. So we just guess it doesnt work as it should be since it says increase critical damage by 30% and we hope it will get fixed as SE is pretty usefull for...