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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    Yeah I completely forgot to mention that I had gun pointed at your head forcing you to "log out" Kingd0mHS and KS me with Megg for almost an hour to make things believable for my side Gave me an idea, can the GMs also trace when the map ownership was transferred from Kingd0mHS to Notorious and...
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    Dametimme is asking if you have any screenshots or preferably video to back that up megann? Because if not there's 16 screenshots in the first post of this thread proving you to be lying
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    I wish this emoji🤦‍♂️ was be added to reactions Can't believe someone would lie when there's evidence proving their statements to be false, the offender still hasn't shown any type of evidence either such as screenshots or video, even though I said I would report them, seems like there's no...
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    Hi Megann, First screenshot chatlogs: 9:51:28 AM Notorious (hanging on a rope): are u using this map Kingd0mHS (hanging on a rope): i am, repotting Notorious (hanging on a rope): kk Second screenshot chatlogs: 9:54:53 AM Notorious (hanging on a rope): oh u were repotting with megg? Megg...
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    I would like to quote this just in case this person decides to edit their post. I wanna point out the clear lies that can be proved with my evidence provided in my first post. This person claims I started KSing Kingd0mHS when the first few pictures I've provided clearly show me hanging on a...
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    How do you save a map when you can't kill the monsters? Yeah pretty small having someone kill steal me for about 30-40 minutes and still claiming to be in the right Sounds like a mafia movie
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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    Your IGN: Notorious IGN of accused player: Megg Accusation: Kill Stealing "Brief" Explanation: I was browsing through ulu estate II maps trying to find a free channel. I come across a player named Kingd0mHS who at first admits to be a seperate player from Megg and claims to be using the map...
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    Able to consume trait potions all at once

    Would it be possible to make it similar to opening Frozen R boxes where you just open them all at once instead of spam clicking, or add a pop-up window asking if you'd like to consume them all which seems unnecessary since these potions are untradeable either way so you don't lose anything by...
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    s> 20 m.atk tempest ring (+2)

    lol these kids with the troll offers ill give u a serious offer, 200m
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    Marksman quitting sales

    pls postpone ur mage quitting sale if u have any scheduled, im broke rn
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    Make normal bosses separate from chaos bosses

    Would it be possible to separate normal bosses and chaos bosses allowing us to kill both versions on the same day? This would bring back the normal versions of those bosses back to life and would allow us to farm more coins daily
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    Draft for new website

    Looks good, would also be nice if latest posts were separated by server:
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    Personal Opinion on the Issues Causing Croosade's Decline

    I just moved to progressive, if I'm gonna play a fast paced version of maple, l'll play post bb since it has way more content for when l reach endgame. Seems like people can't understand basic game design, the faster you finish a game the sooner you quit unless it has constant updates like...
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    Example announcement

    You literally start off by saying Can't say "we" if you personally disagree lol, the right word would be "they" or "the community". Harvey and Heisenberg aren't wrong when they say this community is too stubborn to admit they prefer post big bang considering that everyone wants to reach...
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    Example announcement

    ? Those items are expensive because the people who buy them are the ones that farm on 4 clients at the same time, without keyweighting obviously. And how is that even considered urgent when the 'WS NPC' idea was also so urgent that it ended up proving to be a ridiculous excuse for someone to...
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    is clean cape is can sell?

    The only clean capes that are worth a lot are capes with Weapon Attack and Magic Attack. Other capes are worth the NPC price, with the only exception being the Crimsonheart Cloak. To be fair, this post is in the correct section -> Market -> Price Check No doubt that he/she will get a faster...
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    Improving things in your Life with this game

    Can confirm, if he didn't smile during the trade he is smiling now reading this
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    Fake news

    I think it's more like players are treating v92 as if it was a v142 server. Pre-bb is supposed to be slow paced and should take a lot of time to reach endgame, considering all that's been suggested and approved and most of the recent suggestion topics that have been made in the v92 section...
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    WS prize for Lidorr

    Hi again uncle, I'm pretty sure some equips at skeles sell for more than 50k, but I haven't played in a while so I can't tell you exactly. But even if they sell for lower than what you're used to, if you have lots of free space in your Equips tab - which you should if that's not the case, NPCing...
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    WS prize for Lidorr

    Hi Brightness, thank you for making this thread. Here's some tips to pay lidorr his prize with very little time to play: Try to vote 2-3 times a day Sell the NX instead of wasting it on cosmetics or gambling it If you only have 1-2 hours to play, buy miu miu from points and go to skeles - NPC...