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  1. ChokeMeDaddy

    MapleStory BGM Competition

    Welcome to the Maplestory BGM Competition, I am a maplestory background music enthusiast and I want to share my love for it with a little user hosted event. So the event is as follows, each person will have to register for the event via forums with a forum name, ign, and discord name (full...
  2. ChokeMeDaddy

    Ability Circulators

    Can ability circulators please be added to some normal boss drops such as HT, Pink Bean, etc. Reason for adding these, right now inner ability circulators are kinda rage inducing on how RNG they are. It’s just such a pain to grind Azwan for 2 hours and your inner ability ends as trash rare...
  3. ChokeMeDaddy

    Skills With Cooldown Wont Go Off Cooldown

    I am not the person who is experiencing the bug, it is a friend who is banned on the forums. Anyways, I am reporting this for him. He stated that all his skills that have a cooldown are not coming off cooldown. The last thing he did on his dark knight was do a 200+ normal monster park and then...
  4. ChokeMeDaddy

    Make Will o' The Wisps Sharable

    I was wondering if we could make Will o' the Wisps tradeable or sharable within the account? I would be okay with it costing credits if thats what it takes?
  5. ChokeMeDaddy

    Adding Perm Heart to Credit Shop

    I was thinking about possibly adding a tier 3 permanent heart in the credits shop purchasable via credits or subscription. I like the idea of making it 100% untradeable, but transferable within the account. However, another option is making it cost X amount of credits, and untradeable once...
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  7. ChokeMeDaddy

    S>Thief & Archer Gear

    All Items here are for sale, please leave a reasonable offer. Lowballs will be ignored I reserve the right to cancel any items if I don't find a price that I am satisfied with. No C/o or A/w atm. Its late when posting this. Accept Mesos and CoGs. Willing to accept other methods such as Nx...
  8. ChokeMeDaddy

    Make Dojo Reset Daily

    After much thought I strongly feel that Dojo should reset daily. The idea that a very small percent of the population can have the gloves is just upsetting. Many people should have the chance to have the gloves, new players, veterans, etc. Right now there is 2 people who hold the spot for #1 and...
  9. ChokeMeDaddy

    Sharing Tags

    I believe they were released relatively close to this point, if not before where we are now. Could we get sharing tags introduced? This would be an awesome idea because now with the cost and difficulty it is to make items that are character bound such as the perfect rex earrings, silent crusade...
  10. ChokeMeDaddy

    Ranked Dojo Timers Dont Reset

    As title says, Ranked dojo timers are not resetting after midnight ST.
  11. ChokeMeDaddy

    Sign of the Resurrection Quest Missing

    IGN: Mint Name of Quest: Sign of the Resurrection What is wrong with the Quest: The questline is completely missing for me. I was doing the Rex PQ prequests and I did the quests in order and just finished the quest Recollection and I should be able to talk to Robeira or Shammos to receive Sign...
  12. ChokeMeDaddy

    Make Monster Park Tickets Purchasable

    In GMS Monster Park tickets could be purchased from the NPC. I feel like this is kinda a useful function since we need tickets to do renegades event, and to farm coins. It just makes it that much harder to do Monster Park when you have to farm just for the tickets to go in. I suggest that...
  13. ChokeMeDaddy

    Broken Client

    This issue isnt 1 computer sided, this happened on multiple computers, multiple people. When you run the client right now, it forces a update, but the update is corrupt and wont allow you to continue. Redownloading client does nothing @Heisenberg @Harvey
  14. ChokeMeDaddy

    Remove Pls

    Remove Pls
  15. ChokeMeDaddy

    Automated Event Reward Changes

    **This thread is excluding the jump quest Event.** I was thinking that the rewards for the events of Bomberman and Russian Roulette might need a little bit of a tweak or change. I thing that is a little rough about the rewards from winning these events is that a lot of times, it is either a hit...
  16. ChokeMeDaddy

    S>12 atk 42 luk 15% Luk Thief Overall

    c/o 0 a/w 500m Shop in ch 1 fm 1
  17. ChokeMeDaddy

    Remove Lvl Req for PQ's

    I understand the level requirement for PQ's is to help judge the HP for the mobs/bosses but I think that should just be removed/changed. I was in LHC today helping some random new players level and without me sparking any conversation, they brought up some issues they are facing. That is it hard...
  18. ChokeMeDaddy

    Cube Fragments

    Sorry to post so many suggestions but I post them when I think they are necessary. Right now cube fragments are well, 99% useless. They were useful, but as the server changes with versions, the exchanges have become outdated. I want to propose that cube fragments be changed so maybe it takes 50...
  19. ChokeMeDaddy

    S>19 atk Thief Glove

    c/o 250m
  20. ChokeMeDaddy

    Cubing, Protection Scrolls, and Innos

    Okay, so I would like to start off that I love the availability of cubes and certain items, but certain things seem to take a little too long to obtain. The whole premise of a private server is that things are easier, we can progress faster than normal GMS, but not making things outright too...