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    Kill Stealing - Megg

    Your IGN: Notorious IGN of accused player: Megg Accusation: Kill Stealing "Brief" Explanation: I was browsing through ulu estate II maps trying to find a free channel. I come across a player named Kingd0mHS who at first admits to be a seperate player from Megg and claims to be using the map...
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    Able to consume trait potions all at once

    Would it be possible to make it similar to opening Frozen R boxes where you just open them all at once instead of spam clicking, or add a pop-up window asking if you'd like to consume them all which seems unnecessary since these potions are untradeable either way so you don't lose anything by...
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    Make normal bosses separate from chaos bosses

    Would it be possible to separate normal bosses and chaos bosses allowing us to kill both versions on the same day? This would bring back the normal versions of those bosses back to life and would allow us to farm more coins daily
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    Rename 'Chat' to 'Discord'. Move the hidden button 'About' that everybody misses to the top next to 'Chat' and rename it 'Features'. Add another button next to it called 'Rules' with options in other languages such as portuguese and spanish (If approved, I can help translating) which are the...
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    Name Swap for characters within the same account

    Any chance we could get a Name Swap for characters within the same account for like 10.000 - 13.000 credits? As of right now if you have a name in your high level character which you wanna use in a new character, you have to spend 20.000 credits and wait for 2 restarts + adding a risk of getting...
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    Certificate of the Dragon Squad

    Hi, Any chance we could allow users who have this item to enter Horntail's cave without having to finish the quest "Making the Secret Medicine for Transformation" every single time? Doing this consequently will help people who struggle finding a party for HTPQ and also people who struggle to...
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    Make fame point reset at midnight if possible

    Would be nice if fame/defame point could reset at midnight instead of 24h, since it's hard to remember when you can fame again the next day.
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    Make it possible to use potions when in Dark Sight

    Right now it's impossible to use potions or even anything at all when in Dark Sight. The problem is, dual blades need to be in dark sight to cast chains of hell and when I'm sealed in dark sight I can't use an all cure potion.
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    Party HP Mark disappears when you enter and leave cash shop

    You have to relog to have the HP bars of your party members show on your screen again when you enter Cash Shop.
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    About SoKs

    I think the current price is way too overkill, reduce it to 7.5K NX. That's 12h of voting instead of a day of voting. Also, don't forget to add PSoKs to cash shop, they're not necessary right now, but it's better to have them there before they're needed and it doesn't take too much time to add...
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    Looted boss drops appearing in chat

    Hi, I think it would be a huge addition to the game if we had the ability to see who looted what, especially given how fucked the maps were designed that there are two corners hiding the drops. My suggestion is to show in the chat every time someone loots anything from the run you're in:
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    Increase PPQ's EXP reward

    This PQ currently is not worth doing compared to other PQs within the level range, such as EPQ who actually requires a lower level to do and gives 100k more EXP and takes the exact same amount of time to finish. I think it should give the same EXP as Ellin PQ or perhaps even a little more since...
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    Add NX Balance to @info

    Add NX Balance to @info command if possible.
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    S> Permanent NX

    Sold Hat: 400m CHTP: 650m + 5k credits Staff: 500k Robe: 40m Selling 4 Permanent Aura Rings 2 Permanent Aura Pendants 1 Auto Buff Gem 1 Auto HP Potion Pouch 1 Auto MP Potion Pouch 1 Meso Magnet 1 Item Pouch 1 Magic Scales 1 Binocular 1 Wing Boots
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    Raise max level

    MapleStory is a grinding game and thus the only goal is to reach max level. Once you’ve accomplished that, the game is completed, which is why we’re in a bad spot right now. As you may notice from Phantom and Jett release, people reached max level in less than two days, which shouldn't happen in...
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    A more appealing website

    Hi guys, for a while now I've been thinking of suggesting this, however I would have to advertise other servers/games to share my thoughts on this. So instead I made a mock-up that shows how I personally think the homepage should look like: In my opinion, the website is the first impression...
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    Empress's Blessing bugged

    Class: Evan Skill name: Empress's Blessing What is wrong with the skill?: I have a level 120 KoC in my account and a level 20s, and I'm getting the buff from the lower level character. The higher level character buff should be applied instead. 1558823724 The blessing of the fairy is a buff...
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    Search for Potential in Owl of Minerva

    . Click on 'GO' in Browse by category . The tab now gives you a new option called 'Item Potential'. Click on it and the following window opens: . Click on the % of the potential you'd like to search for . Every item in the game is listed when searching for item potential because you already...
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    Make Magic Guard immune to dispels

    With Battle mages having their main skill (the aura) immune to dispels from monsters and boss monsters, would it be possible for other mages to have their main skill that keeps them alive also immune to dispels? This is because without it, we always get one shot since our mp bar is also our hp...
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    My Party Speed and Jump Boost

    Change this family buff duration from 3 minutes to 30, like every other family buff. And make sure haste doesn't override these buffs that give equal stats but last longer.