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    Surprise Style Rotations [NX items]

    Hello Croosaders! I am back but with a new rotation -- surprise style boxes! Every three weeks, a pool of items will be randomly rotated with 5 of these selected upon your request. There is also a chance that the item you get will be permanent! Unlike Royal Rotations where you can get a...
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    Farewell Goodbye GM (after Christmas)!

    Hello Croosaders, I figured it would leave people asking questions if I didn't mention anything. I've decided to step down as GM because as time passes, the less time I will have putting work as an active GM and playing Croosade. I'd like to give a huge thank you to staff for letting me be a...
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    Sharenian Guild PQ [Guide]

    Have the Master/Jr. Master in your guild talk to Shuang at Victoria Road: Excavation Site [Camp] and select “Register for a Guild Party Quest”. Click on Shuang again to enter the Door to Sharenian. A minimum of 6 members must enter within 3 minutes from the time the host enters the PQ or...
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    Hello Croosaders! After much effort and testing, Ardentmill is finally here. In Ardentmill, you can learn professions that are used for your own advantage. You can access Ardentmill through a portal located in most towns. Talk to Grant the elder and he will guide you with professions. You may...
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    Happyville Quests [Guide]

    Once you finish collecting all 4 Mapler Recommendations, talk to Christmas Tree. He will reward you with a random colored Christmas Sock. Red: +1 w.atk Green: +1 m.atk Navy: +1 STR Purple: +1 DEX White: +1 INT Yellow: +1 LUK [/SPOILER] Questions and Answers Q. The Encyclopedia books are...
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    Beauty Parlor [Cosmetic Guide]

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    Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest [Guide]

    Talk to Lukan in Phantom Forest: Phantom Road and accept the quest. Hunt for 10 Stormbreaker Badge from Stormbreakers. A good place that spawns plenty of Stormbreakers are in Stormhall (the door at the bottom right of Crimsonwood Keep: Hall of Mastery). Explore around if you'd like. Return to...
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    Royal Rotations [Cosmetic Guide]

    Use this link to help you select Royal cosmetics. Credits shop provides all cosmetics within the current version. There were some issues with implementing cosmetics that don't have all the colors, so those will only be available in the Credits shop. From now on, requested cosmetics must have all...
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    Blue's Premium NX Items

    Leave an offer! I will be opening more boxes from time to time. IGN is Plush if you'd like to see any of these ingame. G1 is not what it looks like; it is more of a purple ugly mask. F6 is a big, white and fluffy bear hat. D12 S/B 20M If you have this item, I will glady trade or pay...
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    [Buying] Fluffy Teddy Candy & Silky Skater Band

    & Will pay generously. PM me or name a price here. Thanks!
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    Training Mushroom Kingdom [Questline]

    1. Help! I did not receive the medal even though I finished all quests! A. Double check your quest tab to make sure that you have all quests completed from above. B. The most common mistakes are not completing King Pepe’s Scroll or The Recovered Royal Seal (visiting Violetta again after...
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    Aran's Skill Quests [Guide]

    33. The Seal Stone of Victoria Island Talk to Tru and then talk to Lilin. She will reward you with Combo Drain. [You must be level 45+ to begin.] 34. Orbis Click on the lightbulb and accept the quest. (If you did not receive a lightbulb, visit Lilin or Tru.) Head over to Orbis and...
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    Ebay Donation [Guide]

    **This guide only shows how to purchase via the ebay website.** Know that eBay requires your contact information before purchase. Double check if your country is qualified to purchase via this website. **Refer to this link for more website options or check via Credits tab for more information...
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    Henesys PQ [Guide]

    Collect the Primrose Seeds from the plants (by hitting it with a normal attack) at the bottom. You’ll need six different colors of Primose Seeds: green, purple, pink, brown, yellow, & blue. This map layout shows the corresponding drops of seeds: Growlie will tell you to plant all six...
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    Wild Eye's Gas Mask

    IGN: Wolf Item name: Wild Eye's Gas Mask What is wrong with the item?: The Demon's Doorway in Dark Cave automatically gives out masks to those that did not start the questline (think it's supposed to be for the ones that are doing the questline instead).
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    Training Andras, Valefor, Amdusias, Crocell, and Marbas [Astaroth Questline]

    Talk to him when finished to start Sticky Slimes!. 7. Sticky Slimes! Hunt for 30 Slimes. You can find lots of Slimes in The Tree That Grew I (Ellinia). 8. Visiting Henesys Talk to Ervin to begin this quest and head over to Chief Stan in Henesys to complete it. Chief Stan will ask you to...
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    Horntail [Guide]

    Cave of Choice Hit the lantern looking plant until it lights up, and then enter the portal. You will not be able to enter if the lantern looking plant is not lit up. Cave of Light Get 6 Blue Keys dropped by Skelegons. Talk to Horned Tail’s Schedule and he will ask you to kill the rest before...
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    Training Ellin Forest PQ [Guide]

    Head to Ludibrium and enter Helios Tower (100th Floor). At the top of Helios Tower will be a portal to Hidden Street: Time Control Room. Enter through the portals to Altaire Camp and keep walking all the way to the right until you reach Ellin Forest. Here is a video for reference: Once you...
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    Guild PQ [Guide]

    Have the Master/Jr. Master in your guild talk to Shuang at Victoria Road: Excavation Site [Camp] and select “Register for a Guild Party Quest”. Click on Shuang again to enter the Door to Sharenian. A minimum of 6 members must enter within 3 minutes from the time the host enters the PQ or...
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    [Missing Item] Katara Forging Stimulator

    IGN: Wolf Item name: Katara Forging Stimulator What is wrong with the item?: Tried searching for this item in @drops and it's not there!