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    nvm. It looks like the voting message is working fine now.
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    Weird fps drop

    Apparently opening the skill window and going to the hyper skills tab makes your fps drop. One NL and Bucc friend confirmed it happened to them too. Beginner through 4th job skill tabs don't do that and no other window I tried did it either. I don't think it's a big deal but wanted to share...
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    Change/remove cube animation when using them

    I don't know if it's possible but it would be a neat qol change if we could use our cubes a bit quicker. Those couple seconds it takes really add up when you're using 1k+ cubes per item.
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    You haven't voted for more than 6 hours.

    Except I did vote and the message shows up every hour.
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    Blizzard's passive triggers Damage Reflect

    IGN: Maybe Class: Ice/Lightning Archmage Skill name: Blizzard What is wrong with the skill?: Blizzard's passive makes it so you launch a bolt at a 60% chance. The bolts aren't instant and they reflect damage at bosses that have the buff up, causing unfair deaths. Most passive skills/summons...
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    Asswan party occupy/attack bug

    The little statues that spawn on the floor from the last tower are invisible in hard party mode for both occupy and attack: Solo in both hard modes is fine.
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    Silent Crusade Mastery Book

    IGN: Maybe Item name: Silent Crusade Mastery Book What is wrong with the item?: You get a menu to choose between one of the new books but nothing happens when you click on it: I don't know if I wanna do Neo City quests, but there's a similar reward at some point in that questline, so maybe...