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  1. Uchi

    v92 Full FM LET'S GOOOOO

  2. Uchi

    Personal Opinion on the Issues Causing Croosade's Decline

    These threads have become such a repetitive waste of time. Everyone comes here to share their thought and opinions, 2 weeks go by, and the only post that gets a staff response is Brightness asking about a server wipe lmao. If you don't like Croosade v92 as it is now then go try somewhere else...
  3. Uchi

    Introduction Play here again

    Welcome back, Zofran :D
  4. Uchi

    Damage Skins

    What a toxic response.. You failed to comprehend my post and for whatever reason, assumed that I'm upset about p2w when I clearly said it's not a problem Nice one. Not going to derail the thread any further. thx
  5. Uchi

    Damage Skins

    This would be true but Croosade allows players to pay real $ (credits) for mesos thus giving them an advantage/boost over players who don't pay $. As long as there is a market for buying/selling credits with mesos, there will always be the option to pay to win. Not saying it's a problem here but...
  6. Uchi

    Increase HP gain from boss orbs for buccs

    yes pls. makes 0 sense to me why they were given such low HP.
  7. Uchi

    Class Balance

    There should just be an in-game poll about whether or not the player base wants skill changes, if it passes by at least 70%, it should be followed by polls for different class revamps. After about a month we would have certain changes that the majority of players are clearly happy with. And...
  8. Uchi

    Personal Opinion on the Issues Causing Croosade's Decline

    I think people are making this out to be a bigger problem than it really is. Considering the croosade staff has never really struggled with completely ignoring or denying suggestions/complaints, I don’t see why skill changes can’t be a one and done type of thing. Seems like the top servers were...
  9. Uchi

    Re:v92 Current State - Something needs to be done!

    If progressive had 800 players then depleted to 200 in under a month it definitely would have threads like this and iirc there's been many threads like this for progressive in the past. Some of us are actually here in an attempt to save the server and it's weird to me that these comments that...
  10. Uchi

    Example announcement

    Idk man that example you linked was from almost 2 years ago.. :/
  11. Uchi

    Remove Pet Equip Expiry

    i can see players being demotivated to come back once their pet equips have expired :/
  12. Uchi

    Example announcement

  13. Uchi

    Re:v92 Current State - Something needs to be done!

    How do you quote every single person in the thread and still manage to contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion lmao I agree with Hiya, you should delete that. Time is precious 😞👌
  14. Uchi

    Re:v92 Current State - Something needs to be done!

    Hire more staff maybe? From my understanding, v92 only has one dev (Harvey), and by the looks of it it seems like he helps with progressive as well. So does v92 only have 1 real developer? (who's not even working solely on v92?) If this is correct then no wonder Croosade can't compete.. Rank1...
  15. Uchi

    What's next?

    buff bucc
  16. Uchi

    how can i know market price?

    Best way is to owl, cheapest way is to search the FM yourself. You can also ask friends for p/cs
  17. Uchi

    Change boss damage check based on level/class

    Haven't been playing lately for a few reasons but the biggest reason is that I don't want to be obligated to play a class I don't like. If I saw even the tiniest bit of effort from Harvey to balance classes whether it be damage check, skills, equips, (really anything at this point) then maybe...
  18. Uchi

    Farewell My feelings and final decision I'd like to share with you before quitting

    lool ya, meant to send you a screenshot of this. I love the way he says it too, as if he didn't completely deny being that person
  19. Uchi

    Make all pet equips 11 slots and 5K+ NX

    I've literally never seen anyone complain about pet equips being "too good." Sounds like another unnecessary nerf that'll do nothing but piss your players off..
  20. Uchi

    v92 Current State - Player Base, Community

    Even if this was true, which I don't think it is, they're not going to shut one server down to help the other so idk why you keep repeating that lol