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  1. Brightness

    Introduction Play here again

    Dear Croosade community, A little less than a month ago I announced I'm quitting this server. During all this time, I've focused on real life issues and played other video games and tried other private servers. Even though I still think there are better places to play on than here, I think this...
  2. Brightness

    Farewell My feelings and final decision I'd like to share with you before quitting

    Dear Croosde Staff and Community. Before I begin I'd like to give a little background about myself. I hope everyone's okay with this thread and I hope it won't be deleted or locked. My name's Brightness, you probably know me as "Action" or "Zofran" on other servers in the past. My real name's...
  3. Brightness

    WS prize for Lidorr

    Dear community, Some time ago when I was about to reach level 120, I started a thread about a user made event I created to raise up excitement and awareness of my level 120 achievement. Many players on Croosade participated, but one of them was closest to the right time it took me to reach the...
  4. Brightness

    Improving things in your Life with this game

    Hi everyone, it's a very intimate subject and emotional subject to discuss, so I'd like to explain a little bit further what I'm talking about. I'll begin by telling you this, yes. I have been through certain unpleasant things in my life, just like anyone else might have, its very natural and...
  5. Brightness

    Automatic Events Adjustments

    Hi everyone, I'd like to bring up a few of my thoughts on possible ideas for changes to automatic events. If you disagree with some of my thoughts or ideas, please tell me. But please do that with respect, and without being rude about it, thank you. First, I'll begin with the reward. Unless I...
  6. Brightness

    Automatic Events Reward

    Anyone know why you always get 8 croosade points from automatic events? Its weird, I never get anything other than that. Why not add new rewards?
  7. Brightness

    Skill points reset

    There's a skill I need 15 points to have in a previous skill to have the skill (Bahamut). I need to reset skill points from 3rd job skill, to do this. But on Cash shop it says 9300 nx costs for every 1 sp reset, which is pretty crazy. Anyone know of an easier/cheaper way to reset SP points?
  8. Brightness

    Angel Ray Skillbook

    Hi everyone, sorry to bother you. There's a problem with the Angel Ray Skillbook, it seems. I looked around and asked people, and checked what drops it. It seems, the angel ray skillbook drops only from Zakum and Chaos Zakum. But, there's a problem. I talked to a few people and friends in game...
  9. Brightness

    Party R> Free Skeles Leech with HS

    Hi everyone, If anyone needs free skeles leech, let me know. I can sometimes provide that. I got my Genesis. Thank you
  10. Brightness

    We have a life

    Hi everyone. Sometimes I encounter situations where people see me playing this game, and they think I have no life or I spend most of my time just playing this game instead of going to work or studying. Well, some people might think the same thing about you too. Not just me. I just thought...
  11. Brightness

    Party J> HTPQ for Genesis skill quest

    Hi everyone, I need Life Roots item required for the Genesis skill quest. If anyone is doing HTPQ soon, please contact me, thank you. 1590917832 Done with this, thank you.
  12. Brightness

    Genesis 20 and 30 Skill Books

    Hi everyone, Thank you again for your support. I'm almost level 115, so I'm getting closer. I'd like to ask about the genesis skill books. I just wanted to ask, if anyone know if Genesis 30 is easy to get? I saw Genesis 20 and it was pretty cheap in FM stores, so I guess it's not so rare. But...
  13. Brightness

    Guess when I'm 120?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning a new event for you. If you're interested in participating, keep reading. Well as you have probably noticed, I've been leveling up a lot lately and I'm getting closer to 4th job, level 120 Bishop. So, I thought to make an event about it. I'll explain how it works...
  14. Brightness

    First time you started

    Hi, I'd like to talk to you about the first time you started. On Croosade, and on Maple for the first time. For me, I was kinda confused in the beginning about what class I wanted to play on Croosade. I chose Aran, then Dual Blade, then Cleric. It was a tough decision, because I'm usually not a...
  15. Brightness

    3 Digits

    Hi everyone, I have good news for you. After a lot of hard work, I have finally reached a 3 digits level. Level 100. Take a look at this amazing screenshot:
  16. Brightness

    Priest equipment upgrade

    I'd like to upgrade my equipment a little, but there are so many things I can upgrade that I'm not sure which one's most important right now. I'm 88 Priest My equips are: Zakum Helmet with 16 int Purple cape with 6 int and 8 m.att, 0 slots Maple Shield with 4 int and 6 m.att, 6 slots Simple...
  17. Brightness

    Leech Spots

    I've been looking for a guide on where are the best leech spots, but couldnt find any guide for that. Can anyone tell me where I can be leeched at my current level ? (81 Priest with max HS) I was told Wolf Spiders, but whenever I look for leech for that no one whispers me in game. Thank you
  18. Brightness


    Hi everyone, I had no idea where to start a thread about this, so I'm starting it here, hope that's fine. First of all, I feel a lot better and am going to start playing here again, much less than I used to, but still play here a little. Its all thanks to your love and support, thank you again...
  19. Brightness

    Using the server as a way to forget and avoid the Virus

    Dear friends, Thank you again for your love and support towards me. I'd like to start this thread to talk to you about a very important thing, which is all about the large population growth of Croosade. You see, the virus brought in a lot of new players to this server. It's obvious why, but...
  20. Brightness

    Farewell Temporary break after accident

    Hi everyone, Because I care about the community here, I decided to share with you and let you know I'm going on a temporary break after an accident I had. I fell down at the stairs of the building of a friend I visited last night, while returning back home. I think I didnt break any bones, but...