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  1. xin

    Kaiser equips sale

    Clean 30% str Blue tink shoulder up for sale /trade for dex Clean 27% str LGR as well *Willing to trade for DEX equipment of equal value Discord : xin#1122 [C/O] Hat 3b (anon 2) a/w 4b Top - sold (a/w'ed) Bottom - sold (a/w'ed) Sword 1.5b (anon 3) a/w 2.5b Pendant -traded Shoulder Belt -...
  2. xin

    B> CRA Archer things

  3. xin

    Will ol's the whisps earrings tradable??

    Hilla earrings are apparently a rare drop but its BiS? But they're untradable and no sok/psok option :c Can we get scissor option please uwu
  4. xin

    Contents for higher leveled players

    Currently, I believe not much content are available for higher leveled players. Sure, there's ht and czak (maybe cht and pb but 👀). Then again, training post level 150 is just (At least in my perspective), bossing and ob4 until you can horntail (then its zak, cwk , ob4, ht) , then toadies or...
  5. xin

    DMG Shop (Masteria)

    You unlock the npc Mo's shop after collecting 50 Phantom seeds, but he only sells 1 by 1. Is it possible to allow him to sell in bundles? The last thing I'd want is holding the same key for 2 hours to buy All Cure Potions and then get banned from keyweighting. Its a joke pls.
  6. xin

    Job Hero Guide

    About Me Lyn here. Alright you might see me running around as a little fighter, but I mained a Hero in a server awhile back, so I hope this guide helps. Introduction Here's a quick introduction on Heroes. They use either Swords or Axes, but this guide will focus more on swords because they have...
  7. xin

    Resolved Skill Bug??

    Skill Name ; Nimble Feet / Power Guard IGN : Aislyn What is wrong: I think this is due to the bug along with perma statuses, as you can see my nimble feet is still active. However, I used the skill BEFORE the round had begun and it remained blinking. This is not a visual problem as I still...
  8. xin

    Guild Be Valiant, Choose Valiant!

    Valiant is a team of players that look out for one another. We strive to provide a fair community within and out of out guild. We don't strive to be the best, we work together and push each other to be the best team. Our members consist mainly of South East Asian (SEA) and EU players! 1) A...
  9. xin

    S> Flame Wheel 10 / Magic Mastery 10!

    PM Asphyxiate ! OuO
  10. xin

    Maple Karstan :D

    C/O None A/W None This beauty hadn't fail a scroll for me yet <3 I just hope it doesn't fail to make me money for food *sobs* IGN Asphyxiate
  11. xin

    Your daily NX dealer : D

    S>NX : D Preferably 1:1.1m rates But if you're a little struggling, I can do 1:1 rates too ouo I can do nx first ouo IGN Asphyxiate OuO Note : Here's a lil Slakoth : D