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  1. Uchi

    Fix outdated banner (GTOP)

    This is very minor but I think someone should remove this part of the banner or edit it to say "Reopened." It's been almost 3 months.
  2. Uchi

    Crimson Arcglaive

    There's two ways to obtain Crimson Arcglaive, correct? Crafting & CWKPQ bonus Do the stats get rolled on both Crafting and bonus? Or is it guarenteed avg from crafting and rolled on bonus? Basically, is CWKPQ bonus the only way to obtain a perfect arcglaive?
  3. Uchi

    4/24/11/33 Scar helmet (DEX)

    c/o 0 a/w 370m
  4. Uchi

    Drop Game Tourney!

    Trying to host a Drop Game tournament. For the first tournament I'm looking for 8 players. Comment below or PM me IGN and Discord #. Location: Henesys Pot shop Entry fee: 1 ilbi Bracket (8) First round First to clear opponent (1) wins Second round First to clear opponent (2) wins Third...
  5. Uchi

    Swap Taru Totem with Stone Tiger Head

    Sorry if this should've been posted in the boss coin thread but that thread's all over the place so it's hard to focus on one thing.. Suggesting to swap Stone Tiger Head with Taru Totem because let's face it, the only thing we'll ever use Taru Totem on is Facestompers, they can be used for...
  6. Uchi

    Midgame/Endgame gear for sale

    all sold
  7. Uchi

    What is the formula used to determine the color of equips?

    This has been answered before (prewipe) but I can't find the thread.. Does anyone know how much +ATT/+Stat is needed for equips to turn blue, purple, yellow, green, pink?
  8. Uchi

    Reward 'Bot check' Completions

    After seeing all the negative feedback for this, idk if bot check will get removed, stay, or just get a tweak. If it stays I think it would make it less aggravating for players if there was some sort of reward for completing it. I don't know how the system works (If it targets a specific...
  9. Uchi

    Combatting keyweighting

    Expecting to get a lot of hate for making this thread but oh well A major ongoing problem in Croosade is that people are able to blatantly key-weight their mages for several hours a day and make hundreds of millions of mesos for doing jack shit. I know that the current resolve to this is the...
  10. Uchi

    Adding +1 stats to Credit rings

    Would it be possible to give all the rings in the credit shop +1 all stat? Wearing these rings requires you to remove the Cash Shop item Aura ring (+1 all stat ). If you want Label and Thought ring like I do, you'd have to sacrifice 4 useful stats, even 6 stats if you're a shadower! The only...
  11. Uchi

    Dpm test

    Could we get a dummy (probably in the MuLung dojo) that you attack for ~1minute after using @dpm to test your damage? @Teddy
  12. Uchi

    Rules for "botting"

    Suggestions Record what the player was doing and for how long, to be shown in the ban appeal. If possible, detect key patterns (macros) and autoban/notify GM. Reduce "key-weight" ban to a week, and increase to a month if it's the 2nd time.
  13. Uchi

    13matt 9%int 2L unique witch belt & 12%luk 3L epic earrings

    Offer pls, willing to trade for int%. Belt c/o 0 a/w 250m Earring c/o 0 a/w 80m
  14. Uchi

    Donor beauty card

    Suggesting a tradable card that can be used for Hair/eyes/skin. Maybe redeemable at Maple Admin? + More donations + Increased value of credits + F2p access to donor styles Reg coupon (2k?) gives random, VIP coupon (5k?) lets u pick
  15. Uchi

    Sold out

    SOLD OUT No A/Ws idk prices. Metal Heart Earrings - SOLD Green Pirate Boots - SOLD Red Pirate Top - SOLD Meteor Katara - SOLD Blood Dagger - SOLD Witch belt - SOLD
  16. Uchi

    Vote for v92 and v100+

    If voting for 1 server gave you nx on both, it would influence people to log on to the server they don't actively play every now and then to spend/sell NX. although I don't know if activity on v92 is still something the staff wants, rest assured.
  17. Uchi

    In v95 can you get 2/3 lines of the same stat?

    For example 6% dex 9% dex 9% dex Or did this come out in a later version? I've heard the best you can get in v95 would be like 9% dex 9% all stat 9% str
  18. Uchi

    Selling credits in v95

    How do u guys feel about it
  19. Uchi

    B>No biting and Red Wind Robe

    Leave offers
  20. Uchi

    What I see vs what they see

    What I see What they see Is the main page ever going to change?