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  1. Vulture

    STR and pirate sale

    nvm seller taking too long, retracting my offer
  2. Vulture

    STR and pirate sale

    500m on meister soldier :)
  3. Vulture

    Surprise Style Rotations [NX items]

    ID 1012007
  4. Vulture

    gollux pet bug

    In the name of Notorious, you can't trade pets...
  5. Vulture

    Justice to the ban system

    How do you get someone banned for botting, just because someone doesn't like a person? No ones been banned for botting out of the blue with baseless claims and no evidence provided. Also I believe GMs inspect the players if theres any sus or reports provided, so I don't think accusations alone...
  6. Vulture

    Croosade's Meme Thread !

  7. Vulture

    Subscription stopped working

    I have the pet equips u get from the subscription, but none of the features work for me. As you can see in my chat text, I get told that I dont have enough credits to renew my sub, stating the fact that I dont have it.
  8. Vulture

    Gollux Coins Change Revert

    Magnus spitting some straight facts here!! Sucks to have invested so much time and energy into a class prior to this change (cannoneer in my case), just to not be able to do the end game content in the game. Instead I'm stuck with a feeling that all the gearing up and resources put into my class...
  9. Vulture

    Spirit of the Pendant not giving additional exp

    IGN: Maestro Item name: Spirit of the Pendant What is wrong with the item?: Doesnt give additional exp. I've tried relogging, re-equipping it, relogging without wearing it and equipping it again, and the exp doesn't change at all. I've also been wearing it at all the 3 different stages, and...
  10. Vulture

    Extractor DC

    Was just about to report this myself
  11. Vulture

    s> 20 m.atk tempest ring (+2)

  12. Vulture

    S> Decent Archer Gear

    Is this a Marksman quitting sale?
  13. Vulture

    quitting marksman sale

    you should tho...
  14. Vulture

    S/T> 33% DEX Pirate Cra Top for %STR

    Also selling for 1b
  15. Vulture

    T>33% DEX pirate CRA top for %STR with similar stats!

    haha very funny
  16. Vulture

    T>33% DEX pirate CRA top for %STR with similar stats!

    please guys PLEASE
  17. Vulture

    S>CHTP w/ 26 ATT and 24% STR (SOLD)

    lowered a/w to 1,5b
  18. Vulture

    WS prize for Lidorr

    Why did u spend ur money on gear and other expenses, when you already promised to give him the WS? Shouldn't you be prioritizing the event winner?