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    NX Item visual isn't showing on AB

    IGN: Cybersollos Item Name: Iris Butterwand What is wrong with the item? The visual effect only shows on my non transformed character and then becomes invisible when I transform (On Angelic Buster).
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    Dropped cra hat by accident

    Your IGN: Cybersix I was doing czak with Ubeli and what I usually do is wear the zakum helmets that drop for free charm. I was finished wearing the helmet and unequipped it, but my mouse double clicked it and re-equipped the zak helmet and my dumb brain dropped my cra archer hat instead. Is...
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    [suggestion] widen up the farming areas for easter eggs

    When the event first came out the easiest area to get eggs from was definitely Herb Town (other places other than den 2 suffice too). The hardest to get was ludi/el nath, el nath being the hardest for me cause there were no good maps and they weren't dropping for me at all, including the miner...
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    300k credit giveaway