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    Boss Coin Damage Check

    You can see from the above screenshot the targa boss %damage check is done by almost everyone except bishop and I (personally did not reach the 7% damage). The main problem is on Scarlion, only 2NL reached the dmg check. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Aran (7.3k range) with SE and SI who stay with...
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    Name Reservation problem

    I tried login to v92 server to reserve an IGN. I have checked the 'IGN' is not being reserved or any character made with the 'IGN'. I really love that 'IGN' and would like to reserve it. NEED HELPS!
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    Ks in pirate den

    Your IGN: ... Jellyfish IGN of accused player: ... Lungacho Accusation: ... ks my map Evidence: ...
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    B>2nd unwelcome xbow

    As title above
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    S> various scrolls Leave Offer

    30% Helm int/acc/dex Earring int Top str/luk Overall luk Cape str/luk Belt luk/str/int Shield wa Claw atk 2h sword atk 60% Dag atk Ring dex/int glove ma ign: JellyFlare/iiWildsAran
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    S>shield for wa 30% S>all kind of sb from zak @30m each S>cfa 30% S>chaos scroll ign : JellyBless
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    S>unhammered wa10 bwg c/o41m a/w50m

    As stated above ign: jeLLybLess
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    Buying scrolled psb & lv100 top and bottom

    State your stats and offer me ign : iiWildsAran
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    B>maple 64 xbow

    B>maple 64 xbow Leave stats ign : JellyBeanz
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    S>wa85(blue named) kebob

    Leave your offer and IGN. Feel free to pm me for further info
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    Download Update corrupted

    It pop out after today's update. Stated: "the download update is corrupted.Please try again." I try restarting my computer. Do i have to re-download the whole client?