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  1. Wuzzy

    Kishin Shoukan Not Attacking Out of View

    IGN: Fiore Class: Kanna Skill name: Kishin Shoukan What is wrong with the skill?: The skill stops attacking and has a weird animation (the orbs go outside of one of the ghosts, instead of volleying it between the two ghosts) when your character is out of view of the skill. In the video...
  2. Wuzzy

    Damage Skin Compilation

    Damage Skin Compilation This isn't really a guide, it's more of a resource that details every damage skin that's available in GMS. Since all the up-to-date damage skins have been imported into Croosade, and finding what the Damage Skin looks like in action can be difficult (especially for the...
  3. Wuzzy

    [open] wuzzy's cozy art corner \(ㆁヮㆁ✿)

    Hi I'm Wuzzy and this is my workshop. I draw in a gradient, minimalist style similar to Final Fantasy logos but with Maple chars instead. Full color drawings probably coming at some point in the future, still working on a coloring style uwu PLEASE READ!!!!!!! Don't rush me (gentle reminders...