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  1. Omri

    Training Rabbi's Guide to Croosade

    This guide is meant to be an all-purpose guide for new players to get started in Croosade! Fresh Beginnings Welcome to Croosade! If you are a new player, please join my event which can be found here <-- click to redirect to my other forum post. This wouldn't be a proper introduction without at...
  2. Omri

    Website Ranking Change

    The way it is right now I can see 2 to 3 character rankings at a time because of the current layout of the website maybe you can make the website generally longer so that when I scroll down I can see more rankings at one time? or make the banner a little smaller? if I go into full screen I can...
  3. Omri

    New Player Event!

    Hello friends! I am holding an event for all new players to the server. If you are new to the server or recently returning you are welcome to participate! If you are having some struggles with the server, maybe check out my guide as well :) (Click on 'my guide' lol) How it works: The quest...
  4. Omri


    i have 4 lgrs with potential for sale! Selling each for 750m! FamilyGPQ is my main sometimes I log on Rabbi also..... Peace, Love, -Rabbi
  5. Omri

    B>BWG for anvil

    I'm looking for a pair of brown work gloves. I want to anvil my gloves so if you have some you don't want to part with forever that's fine also. Willing to pay for the glove or even for the ability to borrow for a few minutes to anvil. I have yet to see a paid of bwg in the progressive server...