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  1. Omri

    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!

    join family if you like LGRs!!!
  2. Omri

    Pets autobuff without the skill

    also happened to me with my pet!
  3. Omri

    Cannot expand guild

    also have been having trouble: 1. requesting to join a new guile 2. approving said requests 3. leveling up guild skills
  4. Omri

    Buddy List Expansion Bug

    Also noting, the top of the UI says "Maple User List & Guild" even though the guild is no longer in the same UI
  5. Omri

    Guild R>Family! Friendly and Active!

  6. Omri

    Traded. can be close.

    Many items in the cash shop come and go... I don't know if it's intentional or not but I've also noticed that
  7. Omri

    Traded. can be close.

    yup now that i was on the lookout for it, I've seen two so far... good luck finding some for sale!
  8. Omri

    Traded. can be close.

    are these pets released in game at this point? i haven't seen anyone have them I just assumed they were unavailable...
  9. Omri

    Justice to the ban system

    i used to bot check megann all the time with different methods. i would use weather effects, I would turn off the spawn, I would stun/seduce, I would chat, I would use a summoning sack with a different mob, etc... she always responded to my bot checks as a GM within less than 1 minute for sure...
  10. Omri

    please help me

    Translation: I have tried this 10 times and I still have the error. I removed my antivirus to see if that will fix the error but it did nothing. 1604651932 Usa tu antivirus para limpiar tu pc. Si no soluciona, necesitas reinicia tu computadora y deskargar todo en tu computadora otra vez...
  11. Omri

    Portal lag bug

    i have noticed this problem on both my computers, multiple accounts, multiple characters. it's safe to say that it's not a class based issue but rather a server lag issue.
  12. Omri

    S/T> Sup Goll ear 36% Int FOR 36% Luk / Legend + Top / Selling A/W 7B F555

  13. Omri

    Chair Gachapon being totaly left out!

    Currently the chair boxes give a random chair out of all the chairs in this version. I'm working on a blacklist of duplicates to be removed from the chair list. 1603920727 err recent changes do my duties in the server. no longer working on this or anything else! sorry for the disappointment!
  14. Omri

    Cant log in

    i see your character is logged in afk at cc2 ulu2. it seems to be this issue has resolved itself?
  15. Omri

    Lag spike resulted in lost item

    I can't return your badge to you but I can offer an alternative! One of the drops from GPQ is a ghost ship badge. If you run regularly you will get a steady stream of badges. My main character currently has 5 extra badges in my inventory from all the GPQ I've run and I've gone through so many...
  16. Omri

    Removing LGR and totem visual effects

    as a player, i agree the LGR, angelic blessing rings, and totems are all pretty annoying to see everywhere you go lol
  17. Omri

    Von Leon Sighting

    who's that handsome looking newbie giant on the left oo la la!
  18. Omri

    Smart pouches not renewing

    did not renew for me either. i was also not able to receive the damage skin that is supposed to come with a renewed subscription
  19. Omri

    Happy coin box

    The Frozen RED are basically the same as the previous RED boxes. There is no coin box.
  20. Omri

    Should I try to get Nova items/High quality dimension gloves?

    i think it's worth investing in HQ gloves for sure, nova if you can. even when magnus is released, since we don't have enhancements available, tyrant belt and gloves are not BIS... tyrant cape and shoe will still be best in slot but there isn't really an ETA on magnus release maybe work on...