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  1. SnoopyTheSheep

    500k nx giveaway (v92)

    3rd is close enough to 5th right? :ROFLMAO:
  2. SnoopyTheSheep

    v92 Full FM LET'S GOOOOO

    This screenshot was taken just today on 17/11/2020. Proud of you all still going strong in v92.
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    Miu miu croosade points reduction?

    I like the idea of adding it to the cash shop. Currently, there's very little use for NX other than fishing in the gacha. There's still a semi-decent number of boss zakum runs going on though.
  4. SnoopyTheSheep

    Reboot - Latest Accomplishments Thread

    Lilin's ring on 2 accounts finally! With this, I'm pretty sure I've passed my pre-wipe progress now. Although I'm not sure what level my NL ended at, I don't remember getting 2 Lilin's ring pre-wipe. In the last screenshot I took pre-wipe, my bishop was 176 and now I'm 182. Plus, I didn't...
  5. SnoopyTheSheep

    Music Favourite maple BGM?

    The original title of the song in Korean is "이 또한 지나가리라", or I assume from the English translation (This too, shall pass away). I can't describe how feels that phrase is in Korean. The English translation doesn't do it justice, not because it's a poor translation but because a translation just...
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    Gaming Maplestory with modern graphics

    Ryu Russell (러셀), with the help of his team Kaytiz, Dding_one, HalfEar and See_N has been re-creating old Maplestory maps using Unreal Engine. I'm not associated with them in any way, just appreciating what they do. This one is for Ludibrium, including deep Ludi. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AND PLAY ON...
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    Boss Coin Discussion

    But wouldn't the current average % be skewed towards funded players? I imagine a good chunk of buccaneers, shadowers and so on aren't bothering to go to boss runs at the moment in the first place, so they aren't being logged. This would skew average %s for the weaker classes upwards. To quote...
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    Music Favourite maple BGM?

    Raindrop Flower is awesome. Close contender for my favourite. Sad that the map is almost never used though. Basic would be Maple login theme song. You can't get more vanilla than that :ROFLMAO: Personally not a fan of the cygnus garden BGM. I know it's really popular but it just doesn't...
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    Music Favourite maple BGM?

    What's your favourite maple BGM? Can be pre or post BB. If it's Mysterious path 3 BGM there's something wrong with you. Mine is probably or this from postBB Never played Black Heaven but I understand the lyrics so I got the gist of the story.
  10. SnoopyTheSheep

    Farewell Farewell friends, - Bowboy

    We didn't get to see each other much in-game but sad to see you go. Hope you come back from time to time and have a great time outside of Croosade :D
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    Example announcement

    I can see where you’re coming from. Let me explain my reasons for making this post in detail First, regarding suggestions in general Harvey is in no way obliged to make improvements to Croosade if he does not want to, because it is his server at the end of the day. If he wants to shut down the...
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    Example announcement

    Again, you're missing the point here. This is written from Harvey's perspective not mine, so "we"= Croosade admins. That much should have been obvious. I'm not suggesting those 3 bullets points as suggestions what to change, I'm suggesting that it would be great if they made an announcement...
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    Example announcement

    This is an example of what an announcement could look like. The third bullet point could be anything. I chose the 3 points not on what I think about them but what I feel was suggested the most frequently. I literally point out why decreasing WS price isn't necessarily a good thing in the next 2...
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    Re:v92 Current State - Something needs to be done!

    A 6 page mess of posts is not a suitable way to present the admins' thoughts on future server changes. Just changing the title won't do, a master thread and several subthreads under that with replies locked is a much more suitable way of presenting the admins' thoughts. Again, emphasis on one...
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    Example announcement

    In response to This is an example of an announcement I wrote that could easily be made and help reassure players on the verge of leaving. Hello all We’ve been thinking about the numerous...
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    Re:v92 Current State - Something needs to be done!

    I just want to say there are people out there who will play v92 even if there are no changes and most of the playerbase leaves, so please don't wipe the server again for their sake. Wiping the server a second time might bring in new players, but those new players are the players who have and...
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    CPQ event starting in ~5 hours Bump~ See you there at Sunday reset time, a little over 4.5 hours from now.
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    is clean cape is can sell?

    Simple questions like these (does X exist?/how much is X?) belong on discord. Also you can owl to check prices for most things you shouldn't be spamming forums asking for price check.
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    plz add pretty cash item in credits

    Idk this is personal but the default nx options you straight up buy with nx (don't come from boxes) are good enough for me. None of the nx my character wears in from NX and I'm happy with my look. Change it around a little from time to time but only using NX from shop, not from boxes.