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  1. Vulture

    Subscription stopped working

    I have the pet equips u get from the subscription, but none of the features work for me. As you can see in my chat text, I get told that I dont have enough credits to renew my sub, stating the fact that I dont have it.
  2. Vulture

    Spirit of the Pendant not giving additional exp

    IGN: Maestro Item name: Spirit of the Pendant What is wrong with the item?: Doesnt give additional exp. I've tried relogging, re-equipping it, relogging without wearing it and equipping it again, and the exp doesn't change at all. I've also been wearing it at all the 3 different stages, and...
  3. Vulture

    S/T> 33% DEX Pirate Cra Top for %STR

    Also selling for 1b
  4. Vulture

    T>33% DEX pirate CRA top for %STR with similar stats!

    please guys PLEASE
  5. Vulture

    S>CHTP w/ 26 ATT and 24% STR (SOLD)

    C/O: SOLD FOR A/W A/W: 1,5b Its in fm2 top left corner if u wanna A/W it
  6. Vulture

    T>27% INT Blue Tinkerers Shoulder for %STR

  7. Vulture

    B>Fafnir Lost Canon

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, just comment the stats and ur price..............
  8. Vulture

    Booster Pack makes you DC

    IGN: Maestro Item name: Booster Pack What is wrong with the item?: Client crashes whenever dragging the cursor over the card to open the familiar, making the Booster Pack unopenable. Video evidence:
  9. Vulture

    S>26 att CHTP 24% str!

    C/O: SOLD for A/W A/W: 2.5b Can also contact me on discord: i've spoken to ∞ girls irl#6117
  10. Vulture


    sold gaming style
  11. Vulture

    S>CHTP w/ 24% STR and 11 att! (4 slots left)

    s/b: 800m a/w: 1,7b
  12. Vulture

    S>Shark Tooth Equips, +7 Emp Cannon w/ 60% BD , 24% STR Witch Belt

    Cape: C/O: SOLD for a/w A/W: 1.1b Cannon: c/o: 500m by mero a/w: 1.1b Belt: c/o: 700m by Ubeli a/w: 800m 23 att OA: c/o: 700m by boyjing95 a/w: 1b 24% dex boots: c/o: SOLD for a/w a/w: 750m 16 att OA: c/o: None a/w: 400m Bidding ends on wednesday 10:00 st Only accept pure mesos...
  13. Vulture

    Create a ToS for user hosted events

    Create a clear frame for people hosting event to prevent people from wasting their time and resources on events that dont deliver on their promises. Make a rule thst obligates the host to deliver on the promised rewards if they choose to host one. We've seen too many events hosted with huge...
  14. Vulture

    S>Shark Tooth Pirate gear

    Overall: c/o: 250m a/w: 450m Hat: c/o: a/w: 200m
  15. Vulture

    S>21% dex HTP & 18% dex earrings

    HTP: c/o: none a/w: 210m Earrings: c/o: none a/w: 130m
  16. Vulture

    S>Witch Belt w/ 15 ATT & 18% STR! - SOLD FOR A/W

    C/O: 750m by demonkings A/W: 750m
  17. Vulture

    Unable to use Dragon Stone on Innocent Scrolled CHTP

    IGN: Maestro Item: Chaos Horntail Necklace / Dragon Stone What is wrong with the item: Unable to use Dragon Stone on Chaos Horntail Necklace after being Innocent Scrolled. This CHTP already had a Dragon Stone used on it before I inno scrolled it, which is probably why it doesnt work now.
  18. Vulture

    T>21% dex HTP for 21% str

  19. Vulture

    Scarga displaying wrong icon.

    IGN: Maestro Boss: Scarlion and Targa are both displaying Mano's icon next to the hp bar.
  20. Vulture

    Items within the Monster Park Special tab doesnt appear

    IGN: Maestro NPC: Laku Whats missing from the NPC: 🦀 Special shop is gone 🦀 1563970943 I relogged, and now it's back.