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  1. SnoopyTheSheep

    v92 Full FM LET'S GOOOOO

    This screenshot was taken just today on 17/11/2020. Proud of you all still going strong in v92.
  2. SnoopyTheSheep

    Gaming Maplestory with modern graphics

    Ryu Russell (러셀), with the help of his team Kaytiz, Dding_one, HalfEar and See_N has been re-creating old Maplestory maps using Unreal Engine. I'm not associated with them in any way, just appreciating what they do. This one is for Ludibrium, including deep Ludi. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AND PLAY ON...
  3. SnoopyTheSheep

    Music Favourite maple BGM?

    What's your favourite maple BGM? Can be pre or post BB. If it's Mysterious path 3 BGM there's something wrong with you. Mine is probably or this from postBB Never played Black Heaven but I understand the lyrics so I got the gist of the story.
  4. SnoopyTheSheep

    Example announcement

    In response to This is an example of an announcement I wrote that could easily be made and help reassure players on the verge of leaving. Hello all We’ve been thinking about the numerous...
  5. SnoopyTheSheep

    CPQ event starting in ~5 hours Bump~ See you there at Sunday reset time, a little over 4.5 hours from now.
  6. SnoopyTheSheep

    Social CPQ event

    Is your guild looking dead these days? Are all your buddies afk or offline? Need to find a new guild or recruit more people to your guild? Then this is the perfect chance for you~~ 28/06 12am UTC (In-game daily reset time) (also 5pm PST)! Channel 1 Inviting everyone to come to CPQ for an hour...
  7. SnoopyTheSheep

    Player retention

    Some numbers to start off (10/06/2020) to start the discussion. With these numbers in mind, I'm going to address some of the roadblocks players (not characters) will face that may cause them to quit Croosade. Biggest roadblocks in my opinion in bold. 40-50: After finishing mushking, cpq is...
  8. SnoopyTheSheep

    B> ~30TMA earring

    IGN: SnoopyASheep Would prefer if you PM me on forum rather than in-game as I am afk most of the day.
  9. SnoopyTheSheep

    B> Helmet int 60% [4]

    Buying 4 helmet int 60% scrolls 5.5m each
  10. SnoopyTheSheep

    Leech Etiquette

    The classic "should leechers be expected to return meso" argument. I didn't think it would be that controversial. My 2 cents are: 1. If you don't like that the attacker is asking for meso-back before starting leech, then don't complain and find another attacker to leech off. 2. If you ask for...
  11. SnoopyTheSheep

    Meso drop rate nerf: how does it affect new players?

    Continuing on from: and I've heard concerns about whether this would discourage new players from joining. After all, from the perspective of a new player, being put at a disadvantage for joining late sucks. Furthermore, it makes affording potions in the early game more difficult. There are...
  12. SnoopyTheSheep


    I've been asked by people to write more on forums so here I am. If you're one of them, thanks! Section 1: Guilds Disclaimer: this post is to celebrate the many types of guilds in Croosade. I won’t be saying anything negative about any guilds and if you have something negative to say about a...
  13. SnoopyTheSheep

    Dark sight skill bug

    IGN: SnoopySheep Class: Assassin Skill name: Dark sight (level 10) What is wrong with the skill: dark sight at level 10 should slow me down, but it doesn't slow me down at all I couldn't upload the whole screen because the forum won't allow me to copy and paste images over a certain size. I was...
  14. SnoopyTheSheep

    Leeching guide

    This is a guide for leeching, not for training. General info: 1. Level requirements To leech, you have to be at least -5 levels of the monster. Monster levels can be found by googling "___ pre BB maplestory". E.g. To leech Ulu2, google "Ulu2 preBB maplestory". That takes you to...
  15. SnoopyTheSheep

    Alt + Enter

    Alt + Enter doesn't make Croosade full-screen. Nor does selecting the full-screen option in settings. Not sure if this is related to the lag (which has already been addressed), but I'm getting a lot of "you are already logged in/ID under inspection when I try to log back in after being dced.
  16. SnoopyTheSheep

    Guild R> Story

    Story values good manners and being nice to the community. It aims to allow its members to enjoy the game at their own pace without rushing. Unlike competitive guilds, our guild accepts members who can’t, or don’t want to, spend a lot of time on Croosade from all time zones. I place a lot of...
  17. SnoopyTheSheep

    Reasons to try out v92

    Context first. I’m a player from the early days of Croosade not long after the v92 server was released and long before the progressive server was announced. I stopped playing Croosade after the progressive server was released due to losing interest and having less time in real life. I’ve come...
  18. SnoopyTheSheep

    V92 Passing guild ownership

    Is it possible to pass on guild ownership? I've made a guild and want to pass on the guild master position to another character, but I can't figure out how.
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    Development Gallery- Thank You

    Just saw @Heisenberg 's development gallery post today: and it seems like a great idea! It gave me more appreciation for the behind the scenes coding for mundane features that requires lots of time and effort. Excited to see this...
  20. SnoopyTheSheep

    R> v92 Zakum/HT runs

    As stated above. Looking to see how much interest there is in bossing v92. I'm usually free around 9am UTC with a bit of flexibility but I can't be as active as I used to.