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  1. Worra

    Fashionstory Meta Snapshot (dec2020)

    Click to see the winter 2020 edition of The neerg collection
  2. Worra

    [error code -38 (Reached end of the file)] Disconnection/Client Closure at Gollux

    Steps to recreate: 1) be me (ign: Toad, class: Marksman) 2) Start Gollux and climb through the right side, (partying with Ice Lightning Mage on a Macintosh device) 3) Enter Gollux head before my party member (Hell mode) 4) I see Gollux head for 1/2 a second, client crashes 5) Please see...
  3. Worra

    [Zero] Skill Sound Effects in CRA Boss Fight Maps

    Today was the first time bossing with a Zero, and I noticed I could hear one of Zero's sound effects in the CRA boss fight maps. For reference, I have never been able to hear other players sound effects during the CRA boss fights. I keep SFX on but no music. The sound effect from the Zero was...
  4. Worra

    User Events visibility in Croosade Discord Server

    Would it be possible for the User Events forum section to be visible in the Croosade Discord server? This way, events through the forums may have increased reach through a Discord presence.
  5. Worra

    Community Photo Event / Evento de Fotos para la comunidad

    (traducción al español mas adelante) The neeg collection for your reference and viewing pleasure For comments, questions, or concerns, please discord: toad#9054 CLARIFICATION: You can be in any number of group photo's, but you can only submit one. Desafío de fotos para la comunidad...
  6. Worra

    The neerg collection

    Here is the Winter 2020 edition of The neerg collection! Click to see everything else from The neerg collection Photo credit: ign Blow Photo credit: ign krustacean Idea credit: Boba (guild) I Photo credit: ign Lulu That's it for this time!
  7. Worra

    Change Cygnus Knights Vertical Jump Key Combination

    Currently, Cygnus Knights are able to perform a vertical jump by: jumping in the air, then simultaneously pressing up arrow key + jump. In my experience, the only time I am reliably able to vertical jump is if I jump straight up (no directional input), then arrow key + jump. Every time I add a...