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  1. DarkHero7

    S>45 atk 30% dex archer hat

    Selling this hat. C/O: 0
  2. DarkHero7

    S>33% dex 32 atk archer cape and more

    C/O: 1.6 bil A/W: 3 bil
  3. DarkHero7

    9th aniversary Primes

    First of all thanks to the crew for again adding a new event. But this brings me to next topic. With the new added stuff since last restart I want to talk about my concerns with the server. Armor prime scrolls give 10 all stats guaranteed. Of course it is nice to take out the rng but these...
  4. DarkHero7

    Wind Archer trifling wind

    IGN: WindArcher7 Class: Wind archer Skill name: Trifling wind What is wrong with the skill?: When doing hellux trifling wind doesn't get triggered at the 2nd phase and at the gem phase. This is a video of a wind archer doing hellux at GMS: And this is a video showing that the trifling wind...
  5. DarkHero7

    T>36% luk solid ring for 36% dex

    Trading this beauty for 36% dex. Ingame: Marksman7
  6. DarkHero7

    T>33% dex (9% all stat 24% dex) superior gollux earrings

    T>for % STR or legendary + topup
  7. DarkHero7

    36% luk solid gollux ring

    T>for 36% dex or 33% dex + topup C/O: 33% dex +1,5k cubes
  8. DarkHero7

    Demon slayer link skill bugged

    IGN: Marksman7 Class: Marksman Skill name: Fury unleashed (lvl 3 link from demon slayer) What is wrong with the skill?: When i check on my demon slayer it says the linkskill is connected to my marksman. But when i check in the applied stats of the link skill tab on my marksman the skill +...
  9. DarkHero7

    B>33-36% dex blue tinkerer shoulder

    As title said. Contact ingame: WindArcher7
  10. DarkHero7

    KoC echo

    IGN: WindArcher7 Class: Windarcher Skill name: Hero's echo What is wrong with the skill?: The skill doesn't work, when u use the skill it goes on cooldown but u don't get the buff. (The skill did work in the past, i think it is broken since WA sharp eyes got fixed)
  11. DarkHero7

    KoC link skill

    IGN: WindArcher7 Class: Windarcher, Thunderbreaker, Dawnwarrior Skill name: Cygnus blessing What is wrong with the skill?: Im not totally sure if its correct or not but from what i can remember it was possible to get higher lvl Cygnus blessing on a KoC. I got all 3 revamped KoC's on my...
  12. DarkHero7

    S>30% luk fearless earrings and % dex atk earrings

    Selling these 2 earrings, leave offere here or ingame: WindArcher7 C/O: 0 mesos clean fearless earring +300 cubes A/W: 2b C/O: 1b A/W: 1,7b
  13. DarkHero7

    Change Lidium Heart

    As of last restart Lidium hearts are not tradable anymore before equipping. My suggestion is to make them tradable before equipping again. Reasons for this, first of all cubing. Alot of ppl did already cube high rate of stats on it that they didnt need but they could trade the heart for the stat...
  14. DarkHero7

    S>27 ATK 21% dex falcon wing shoes

    Leave offers here. C/O: 800 mil A/W: 1 bil
  15. DarkHero7

    S>Midgame bowman gear

    Leave offers here or ingame: ItzMyDualbow C/O: 0 A/W: 700m C/O: SOLD FOR 700M A/W: 750m C/O: 200M A/W: 350M
  16. DarkHero7

    T>30% STR Tinkerer's blue shoulder for dex

    Looking to trade this shoulder for % dex shoulder or a good scrolled one.
  17. DarkHero7

    S>60% Boss damage arrow

    Leave offers here or ingame: ItzMyDualbow C/O = 180 A/W = 225 mil
  18. DarkHero7

    15 atk 30 dex 15% dex CHTP

    Selling 15 atk 30 dex 15% dex CHTP. Leave offers. C/O = 0 A/W = 1.2 bil
  19. DarkHero7

    Spikes Royale DEF ignore

    IGN: ItzMyDualbow Class: Mercedes Skill name: Spikes Royale What is wrong with the skill?: The skill description says: Enemy DEF will decrease, and all attacks will become critical hits. At lvl 20 of the skill spikes royale should do enemy DEF -20% for 15 seconds. After using spikes royale...
  20. DarkHero7

    S>7 atk 24 dex 12% dex CHTP

    Leave offers here or ingame: itzmydualbow C/O = 0 A/W = 225