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  1. Worra

    Add more items to Lucia/Gollux store

    For myself, Blue coins are so low in priority that I only acquire them when my auto pet loot activates on my way to the head. Of course, I will buy the daily AGS because it is time gated, and useful for scrolling gear. I think it would be nice if there were a weekly inno/lds/safety scroll for...
  2. Worra

    Surprise Style Rotations [NX items]

  3. Worra

    Fashionstory Meta Snapshot (dec2020)

    Updated to Dec 2020
  4. Worra

    Traded. Can be closed.

    1.5k edit - final bid
  5. Worra

    Surprise Style Rotations [NX items]

  6. Worra

    How to properly kill snowman.

    You can buy Snowshes for your class from the armor/weapon shop in El Nath: El Nath Weapon Store
  7. Worra

    Achievement update

    I think a "survivalist" achievement might be cool. For example, being in El Nath or Aquarium regions for X hours (you take damage over time unless remedied with a special consumable item). Sure, it is just afk-ing, but you are subjecting yourself to isolation.
  8. Worra

    Fashionstory Meta Snapshot (dec2020)

    thank you.
  9. Worra

    Fashionstory Meta Snapshot (dec2020)

    Click to see the winter 2020 edition of The neerg collection
  10. Worra

    The neerg collection

    Updated to the Winter 2020 edition of The neerg collection!
  11. Worra

    Pets unequipped

    I have also experienced this as well. In the pet inventory, I saw that there was a gray border around the pets (which I believe usually indicates the pet is active). Instance 1 Character: Reku (Nightlord) Before: afk in fm Actions right before: created CPB Expedtion, entered CPB with a few...
  12. Worra

    Clicking on some players crashes client

    This happened to me again as well. I also disconnected/client crashed when speaking to Scrooge in the FM. Twice in a row, on different clients on the same character. On the third attempt, I was able to access my storage without disconnection.
  13. Worra

    Clicking on some players crashes client

    I disconnected when I clicked on myself as well. I was wearing permanent Explorer's Hat, Flowery Dress shirt, and 90-day transparent items. I also disconnected when I took off a 30-day Flowery Dress shirt from my Android. Not sure if they are correlated.
  14. Worra

    [error code -38 (Reached end of the file)] Disconnection/Client Closure at Gollux

    Steps to recreate: 1) be me (ign: Toad, class: Marksman) 2) Start Gollux and climb through the right side, (partying with Ice Lightning Mage on a Macintosh device) 3) Enter Gollux head before my party member (Hell mode) 4) I see Gollux head for 1/2 a second, client crashes 5) Please see...
  15. Worra

    Allow coins to stack past 1000.

    I have a stack or two of the Crusader Coins (the yellow/red cross one). I have been saving up some scrolls, and was looking to mass scroll some of the eye accessories (in combination with Alchemy fusing). As Harvey states, I can simply use coins to save ETC slots, but once I buy the item, it...
  16. Worra

    Unable to change Angelic Buster's transformation clothes slot

    I also experienced this. I tried each of the Compacts, and none of them allow me to drag a top/overall cs item onto the slot as I was able to before.
  17. Worra

    Marksman skill Reckless Hunt: Crossbow

    Oh I would love for this to be fixed! cheers,
  18. Worra

    Cannot take untradable items that were in storage

    IGN: Toad Item name: Reinforced Gollux Ring, Superior Gollux Ring, Superior Gollux Pendant, Superior Gollux Earring, Dominator Pendant, Lightning God Ring, Meister Soulder. What is wrong with the item?: After I POSK'd each item and put them into the storage, I am unable to retrieve them...
  19. Worra

    Croosade's Meme Thread !

    >be me