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    Happy April Fools (?
  2. xFreak

    L> Friends & Guild

    Hi, thank for reply this! Sure, I definitely will add you. Hope to can clear some questions about this new version of MS. 😄 Hi, my friend! Woah, thank you. Of course I wanna join to your guild. I'm gonna write you to make it fast as possible. Thank you so much, guys. I'll be contacting with...
  3. xFreak

    L> Friends & Guild

    Yaaaaay! Thank you so much. Of course I'm gonna contact you as soon as possible. Que bueno es conseguir acá a otras personas que también hablen español, Muchas gracias por tu pronta respuesta y disposición de ayudar .¨latinos do it better (? 😄🥳🤩
  4. xFreak

    L> Friends & Guild

    Hey guys, nice to meet y'all. 😬 My name is xFreak and i'm the new guy here. Y'all are suposed to knew how hard is to be the "new guy" in a place. So you know how it feels. 😅 I discovered MS for the very first time in 2005, but I played only for a few months and left. Remembering all the good...