🎅Christmas Time!🎅

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Dec 10, 2017
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Happyville and Frosty Snow Zone can be accessed by talking to Rooney in Henesys!

🎄Tree Decoration Contest!🎄
Event period: December 15th ~ December 25th, 23:59 UTC

It's the season of giving! Not all presents are just simply given away for free. We will be running a Christmas Tree Decoration contest! The best decorated trees will be gifted the greatest prizes!
With a contest comes rules and regulations. You must abide by these rules for the entry to be accepted. Any other posts will be removed regardless. If you have a question about the event, be sure to send me a Private Message. Feel free to show off the Christmas tree you've decorated in your house as well! While it won't count towards the event, we'd all love to see it!

Click Here to be directed to the contest thread.

❄Jingle Bells Jingle Bells!❄
Event period: December 15th ~ January 12th, 23:59 UTC

This bi-hourly event will have you navigate through all the colorful bells and reach the top. Be careful though! It's not only snow that's falling from the sky! You will take some damage if you are hit so be careful! Once you make your way to the top, be sure to enter the portal. Otherwise you will miss out on your prize! Every time the jump quest is completed, you will receive 3 Snowdrop Coins as well as a time limited Rudolph Change Hat!
  • Rudolph Change Hat: All Stats: +2, ATT: +20, Slots (unhammered): 7, Duration: 7 days

☃Attack of the Snowman!☃
Event period: December 15th ~ January 12th, 23:59 UTC

The little elves of Happyville just want to play in the snow. Help them by filling up the snow blower with Nevermelting Snow! However, an angry snowman keeps appearing and ruins all the fun! Nevermelting Snow can be found by defeating monsters around your level. To help fill up the snowblower, speak to Happy. For every 100 Nevermelting Snow you offer, you will receive 1 Snowdrop Coin! If you have 99, make sure to wait until you have 100! Once the snowblower is full, snow will shoot out of the blower and fall out of the sky! Use this snow to pummel the snowman and take him down! The snow is quite cold so be sure to ask Happy for a mitten. Surely throwing snow at him wont make things worse... Make sure you have enough space in your USE tab! The elves will reward you with some goodies they found in Santa's sack! All goodies will be a Cash Equip item with the chance of it being permanent! You will be rewarded depending on your participation so work hard!

A shop is located in the Frosty Snow Zone for you to spend your coins.

🌟Twinkling Treasure Star Event🌟
Event period: December 15th ~ December 29th, 23:59 UTC

If you are new to Croosade, then this event will help you get started! Gaga has found a way to enter inside a star that has fallen in to the Maple world! All he requests in order to enter is 50 Stardust. Once you've collected 50 star dust, He will reward you with a Shining Star. Take this star and talk to Gaga again. This time, request to enter Treasure Island. You may only perform this quest twice a day. Now, you must be quick! You only have 1 minute of air. You have a chance to earn some great starting gear here!
Possible rewards include:
  • Necro Weapons and equips​
  • Elite Heliseum belts​
  • Reverse Weapons and equips​
  • Mystery Mastery Book​
  • Random consumables.​

Happy Holidays!
- Croosade Staff 🎅🎄☃🌟
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