Ban Appeal (Don't agree with resolution)

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Oct 19, 2020
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All my info is already posted in the "resolved" forum without any chance to reply (That post is closed)

I don't agree with the resolution given, but at the end of the day, is not my server nor my decision to make.

In that post it states I was "not paying attention" when I clearly stated exactly what happened step by step, I got 2 pop-ups to input a number (which I correctly did) and the pop-up said twice I did it incorrectly. Pop-up was showing just 3 numbers and it gives you a total of 30 seconds to input such numbers.

How is it that I know that 2 pop-ups show up with those specific details if I was "not paying attention", you can see also that I leveled up few mins before, like 10 mins before, I added my stats, I was actively chatting in guild and did a party to clear Mushroom Kingdom within the last hour (not to mention Pyramid needs you to click NPC, select specific options, has the ability to do special skills with inputs such as fighting games) and I was performing all that.

This ban was due to "Not Paying attention"? How can you do all that without paying attention?

This is a very bad experience for a 1st day in a server that already seems to have a low population (community is amazing thou and I really enjoyed my 1 day) I'm not sure if I want to keep playing thou, its already a lot to go through to be able to install this server (Every browser detects it as virus and even if you manage to download it Windows also deletes the file unless you turn off all your protection to be able to add this .exe in a trusted list to finally be able to play) but even after doing all that, you can get banned for "Not paying attention" when again, I was clearly doing so, otherwise how could I have been doing everything mentioned above?

One last thing, even if I was "Not Paying Attention" which I find it incredibly hard to do everything I stated without doing so... What kind of a reason is that to ban someone for "Not Paying Attention"? Its definitely the weirdest reason I have heard for a ban.

Anyway... thanks for your time.
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