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Dec 9, 2017
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Event period: June 7, 2020 - July 19, 2020, 23:59 UTC

Hi Croosaders,

It's time for some summer events! I know you're all waiting for the RED patch, but coding it will take some time. Since RED isn't here yet, we came up with the BLU event instead!


8th Anniversary (BLU style)

4001695_iconRaw.png 4310048_icon.png 2430746_icon.png
  • Mobs around your level range drop 8th Anniversary Maple Leaves.
  • Talk to Cassandra to trade 100 leaves for 1 coin.
  • Gather leaves and coins (if you're lucky) in Maple Tree Forest (available through a quest every 10 minutes).
  • Open 8th Anniversary Gift Boxes dropped by mobs in your level range for coins, leaves and equips.
  • Play the Rolling Eights board game to obtain leaves, coins and buffs.
  • Raise a Maple Tree by feeding it etcs/equips and obtain a Maple Tree Fruit.
  • Complete Party Quests, Monster Park and Mu Lung Dojo for additional coins daily.
  • Talk to Inkwell to spend your coins for various goodies, including scrolls, recipes, mastery books, cosmetic items and job-specific event items such as the Onyx Jaguar and Kaiser Color Change Coupons.

King of Crowns


  • There are 5 categories, each containing 10 different crowns.
  • You can stack up to 5 crowns (one per category) above your head.
  • Accept the Crown Crafting quest up to 10 times per day and collect 30 Shimmering Stars from mobs in your level range in order to unlock a new random crown. If the quest gives you a crown you already have, you get a Crown Fragment instead. 10 Crown Fragments can be traded in for a crown that you don't own yet.
  • You will receive an achievement for collecting 8 of 10 crowns per category, and will receive an additional prize if you complete all 5 achievements. You can check your progress in the trophy icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Use the 'On Display' quest to see the crowns you currently have collected, and to select which crowns you'd like to wear. You can use the "Alarm" function in the event list UI in order to show a Crown icon shortcut on the left side of your screen.
  • Completing the 'Sentence Scramble' quest will reward you with:
    King of Crowns: Lv: 13, Category: Medal, STR: +5, DEX: +5, INT: +5, LUK: +5, Max HP: +300, ATT: +3, M. ATT: +3
Rewards for each achievement:
  • Crimson Crown Collector: Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%
  • Golden Crown Collector: Gold Potential Stamp
  • Amethyst Crown Collector: Special 3L Potential Scroll 100%
  • Azure Crown Collector: 15 Miracle Cubes
  • Emerald Crown Collector: Lucky Day Scroll
  • King of Crowns: Miraculous Chaos Scroll 70%

We hope you'll find these events entertaining!
- Croosade Staff

Thanks to @Bombmouse for the header graphic.
Thanks to @Dela for modding the item icons.
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